The plans to travel and go on vacation mostly begin in June as the summer season starts to arrive. It is a popular month to tour and pick up the next place you would like to visit across the globe for many good reasons. 

It could be to have first-hand experience in several summer-themed festivals or spot some of the most famous wildlife in the world or have a short break on a private island. Whichever one it is, here are some of the best destinations to travel to in June that we have recommended for you; 


10 Best Destinations to Travel to in June

1. Hvar, Croatia: Known for being a source of fantastic wine ever since the first vines were planted over two thousand years ago. Hvar is a dreamy island in the Adriatic and off the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Summer seasons in Hvar usually attract beach lovers, celebrities and visitors to its annual Hvar Summer Festival in June, which gives you the chance to be surrounded by its stunning waterfront views, sunny beaches and ancient cobblestone streets. 

2. Prague, Czech Republic: Beyond attractive tourist destinations such as the Charles Bridge and the Lennon Wall, the Old Town streets of Prague in the Czech Republic is filled with excellent culture and delicious food that makes it a must-visit destination— a visit in June benefits you and lets you experience great weather and awe-inspiring festivals including the largest ice cream fest in Central Europe.

3. Alaska: The perfect time for outdoor activities and spotting wildlife in Alaska is June. With warm weather and long hours of sunlight, You can enjoy sightseeing Alaska aboard an expedition ship and choose from a variety of itineraries departing from Anchorage or Vancouver. Whether you are an outdoor lover or not, Alaska provides a life of luxury with world-class dining, spas, fitness centres and pools. 

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4. Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya: Since there is always a large number of people jostling and hosting to get the same view, It is always advisable to travel down to Maasai Mara towards the end of June to have a great glimpse of Kenya’s wildebeest migration. This Kenyan reserve is famous for being the home of the big cats- lions, leopards and cheetahs.


5. Luberon, Provence, France: The south of France is usually more remarkable in June with the scents of lavender in the air and the colour of rolling hills with purple blooms. Luberon, situated in the heart of Provence, is a must-visit with its charming villages, vineyards, castles and markets to explore. There are available resorts here with vineyards and olive groves, spacious rooms, restaurants, and spa treatments that use lavender oil and products to finish off a luxurious holiday.  

6. Paris: The summer season is always the prominent time for tourists to flood into Paris. With a warmer and brighter atmosphere in June, Paris is famous for its remarkable sights, such as the Louvre, the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Some seasonal festivals and concerts occasionally cause the city to be vibrant and lively.

7. Langkawi, Malaysia: The rainy season on the west coast of Malaysia occurs during June but usually falls for a short time in Langkawi. The sunshine is most likely what you’ll get to experience often. You can take a cable car to Skybridge on a clear day for outstanding jungle views or enjoy some of the deserted attractions and hotel bargains for some peace and quiet.

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8. Greenland: Apart from admiring Greenland for its beautiful towns, looming mountains and pleasant weather, there are endless things you can do in Greenland and add to your June list. With UNESCO heritage sites such as the quaint Saqqaq village and Viking ruins, Greenland offers historical attractions and natural scenic beauty that you shouldn’t miss.

9. The Greek Islands, Greece: With more than 6,000 Greek Islands in Greece, June is the ideal time to visit one. There will be fewer tourists, and the weather will feel delightful. You can head to Milos or Ithaca for thermal springs, hidden coves, and gorgeous beaches and enjoy fantastic seafood. Since Greece has dropped all its entry restrictions, You can easily travel and discover some of these stunning islands.

10. South Luangwa National Park, Zambia: Enjoy spotting wildlife? Visiting Zambia during the dry season from June to July is the best time to see the likes of giraffes gathering by the rivers, leopards and elephants. Hundreds of tourists swarm in to enjoy the safaris and wildlife experiences before the bushes start to dry out and prepare for rain.


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