Which State is the Caving Capital of America?

This blog post aims to solve the puzzle and reveal which state has the best caves. The article will examine factors such as cave number, variety of formations, and cultural relevance of these underground marvels. Prepare to go deep and learn the secrets of America's caving hotspots

Hello there, let’s rock another topic today: Which State is the Caving Capital of America? Curious brains and intrepid readers! Have you ever wondered which US state has the best caving conditions? We’re going to embark on a thrilling journey as we investigate this fascinating underground world. 

Explore America’s diverse cave landscape, home to spectacular subterranean treasures like the Appalachian Mountains’ towering stalactites and the Rocky Mountains’ undiscovered wonders. 


The “Caving Capital” is the state that can legitimately claim to be the best place to go caving in the United States. 

Caving is an activity that draws explorers of all stripes, offering a singular and remarkable experience. 

This blog post aims to solve the puzzle and reveal which state has the best caves. The article will examine factors such as cave number, variety of formations, and cultural relevance of these underground marvels. 

Prepare to go deep and learn the secrets of America’s caving hotspots.


Most popular caves in the US.

1. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?
Source: Inspired Imperfection

To avoid the sweltering desert heat, the best time to visit Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, is in the cooler months. 

Use the self-guided Big Room Trail to explore independently or go on a guided tour. 

Take advantage of the amazing bat flying at dusk! As you approach the park’s breathtaking limestone formations along the entrance road, prepare to be in amazement. 

A cave explorer’s fantasy has come true!

2. Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Utah. 

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?
Source: Explore Utah Valley

The best time to explore Timpanogos Cave National Monument in Utah is from May through September, when the cave is accessible for exploration. 

Visit the magnificent stalactite and stalagmite cave formations on a guided tour. Remember to stroll the beautiful paths and enjoy the stunning mountain vistas. 

Go to American Fork, Utah, and follow the directions to the monument to get there. 

Prepare yourself for a unique underground adventure!

3. Howe Caverns in New York.

Looking for an underground adventure? Check out Howe Caverns in New York. The best location to be in is Howe Caverns! 


The entire year is the best time to go so that you can explore this amazing cave anytime. Join a guided tour to explore meandering corridors, awe at unique formations, and discover the history of the cave. 

Zip lines, rock walls, and gemstone mining will make your tour much more exciting. 

It is conveniently accessible for a thrilling underground experience and is close to Albany, New York!

4. Onondaga Cave State Park.

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?
Source: Roadtrippers

All cave lovers are invited! One must visit the Onondaga Cave State Park. 


Summer is the best season to visit because the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Experience the majestic Onondaga Cave on a guided tour, where you may behold the stunning underground formations and towering stalagmites. 

Thanks to the hiking paths, picnic spots, and campsite amenities, it’s the ideal location for a day trip or overnight stay. 

The location is close to Leasburg, Missouri, making travel simple for a unique underground adventure!

5. Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Get ready for a magical underground adventure at Ruby Falls! The greatest time to go is all year round, allowing you to either escape the heat or enjoy the cozy winter atmosphere. 


Visit the spectacular underground waterfall and enjoy a guided tour of the amazing rock formations. 

Rock climbing and zip-lining excursions are available for thrill-seekers, which can add even more adrenaline. This underground wonderland is only a short drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Get ready to explore an incredible cave!

6. Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana.

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?
Source: Montana FWP

Prepare to enter Lewis and Clark Caverns, a realm of wonder! 

The summer months are ideal for travel because the weather is ideal for outdoor exploration. 

Experience these limestone caverns on a guided tour, take in the breathtaking formations, and discover the region’s fascinating past. 

There are numerous hiking and camping options at the nearby state park. 


To get there, travel close to Whitehall, Montana, and be ready for an unforgettable underground journey!

7. Blanchard Springs Caverns, Arkansas.

A secret treasure in Arkansas called Blanchard Springs Caverns is just waiting to be discovered. 

The cave offers a cool getaway from the summer heat and a comforting haven in the winter, making any time of year the ideal time to explore. 

On a guided tour, witness the enormous halls, flowing patterns, and breathtaking cave features. 

The nearby national forest offers options for camping, hiking, and fishing. Prepare for a unique underground adventure by traveling to the area around Mountain View, Arkansas!

8. Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon.

8. Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon.
Source: Recreation.gov

Prepare yourself for a unique underground adventure at Oregon Caves National Monument! The summer months are ideal for visiting since you can enjoy the pleasant weather and explore the marble caves completely. 

Discover intricate tunnels and interesting geological treasures by going on a ranger-led tour. 

Remember to stroll the beautiful paths and take in the splendor of the nearby environment. Be there by traveling close to Cave Junction, Oregon, and be ready for an exciting underground excursion!

9. Kartchner Caverns, Arizona.

Arizona’s Kartchner Caverns is a must-see attraction. The cave has a steady temperature throughout the year, making it the perfect time to visit because it offers a cool escape during the sweltering summers. 

Take a tour with a guide to see the living forms and be in awe of the magnificent Throne Room. 

The excitement is increased by the nearby hiking trails and the state park’s camping facilities. To get there, travel close to Benson, Arizona, and get ready for an unforgettable underground experience!

10. Inner Space Cavern, Texas.

 Inner Space Cavern in Texas.
Source: Inner Space Cavern

Hello, spelunkers! A gem waiting to be found in Inner Space Cavern in Texas. 

The greatest time to go is any time of the year since it provides a refreshing getaway from the Texas heat. 

Discover ancient formations and search for fossils by taking a guided tour. On the spelunking excursion, thrill-seekers can even embark on a dangerous expedition. 

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It’s conveniently situated near Georgetown, Texas, for a memorable underground adventure! Prepare for an incredible underground excursion by donning your gear!

11. Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas.

All adventurers should explore the Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas. Year-round is the perfect time to go exploring because it provides a calm haven from the oppressive Texas heat. 

Witness unique underground formations and discover the interesting history of the cave by taking a guided tour. 

Challenge yourself above the earth by zip-lining, gemstone mining, and traversing an outdoor maze. A short trip will take you to a magical underground wonderland that is close to San Antonio, Texas. 

Prepare for an amazing cave exploration by grabbing your helmet and boots.

12. Luray Caverns, Virginia.

Luray Caverns, Virginia.

A hidden gem in Virginia called Luray Caverns is just begging to be discovered. The entire year is the greatest time to travel. However, spring and fall have warmer temperatures. 

Take a trip with a guide to see amazing formations and hear the Great Stalacpipe Organ’s mesmerizing music. 

Remember to see the Museum of old cars and the garden maze. You may easily go from Luray, Virginia, to an underground wonderland that will take your breath away! 

So gather your sense of adventure and get ready to explore Luray Caverns’ secrets.

13. Cave of the Mounds, Wisconsin.

All lovers of the underground must visit Wisconsin’s Cave of the Mounds. The greatest seasons to visit are spring and summer because of the lovely weather. 

Visit the beautiful limestone formations and discover the geological past of the cave by taking a guided tour. 

Enjoy hobbies like fossil hunting and gemstone mining above the earth. You may easily get to an underground marvel that will wow you from Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. 

Take your flashlight, then go off on an amazing cave adventure!

14. Lost World Caverns, West Virginia.

Discover West Virginia's Lost World Caverns, a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered

Discover West Virginia’s Lost World Caverns, a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. During spring or fall, take a guided tour to explore the impressive rock formations and geological features.

Explore the underground wonderland near Lewisburg, West Virginia, and explore the mysteries of fossils and gemstones. 

Take the chance to explore these hidden gems with your sense of adventure.

15. Jewel Cave, South Dakota.

Jewel Cave, an undiscovered gem in South Dakota, offers a guided tour of its glittering calcite crystals and complex cave formations. 

This fascinating cave adventure is located near Custer, South Dakota, and is perfect for spelunking enthusiasts. 

Enjoy stunning views from above and hike beautiful pathways above the ground. 

Take advantage of this unforgettable experience.

16. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?

When the weather is moderate, such as in the spring and fall, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is a hidden jewel worth discovering. 

Experience the vast chambers and complicated corridors of the world’s longest-known cave system by taking a guided tour. 

The underground riverboat excursion offers a fascinating viewpoint, so take it. This underground wonderland is close to Cave City, Kentucky, and is only a short drive away, making it an exciting excursion for cave fans.

17. Wind Cave, South Dakota.

An undiscovered gem just waiting to be discovered in Wind Cave, which is close to Hot Springs, South Dakota. 

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Visitors can enjoy a guided tour in the spring and fall to observe unusual box work formations and air movement phenomena. It is also feasible to go on a hike across the lovely prairie scenery and see animals like bison. 

This quick trip to the cave is an exhilarating journey that will leave you gasping for air.

18. Moaning Cavern, Vallecito, California.

Which State is the Caving Capital of America?

Vallecito, California, offers a hidden gem called Moaning Cavern, perfect for explorers of caves. Spring and fall seasons are ideal for travel because they are pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities.

During spring and fall, visitors can climb the cavern on a guided tour, marvel at its enormous underground hall, or enjoy a thrilling rappel excursion. 

The cavern is just a short drive from Angels Camp, California, making it an ideal destination for exploring its mysteries.

19.  Ape Caves, Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Explore the underground wonderland of Ape Caves in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington, during the summer months. 

Take a self-guided tour through lava tubes and explore unique formations. Hike through scenic forest trails above ground. The best times to visit are when the weather is pleasant in the summer.

Head near Cougar, Washington, and pack your curiosity to delve into the mysteries of Ape Caves.

20. Ellison’s Cave, Pigeon Mountain, Georgia.

Source: Trippers

The exciting cave exploration destination Ellison’s Cave is located near Pigeon Mountain, Georgia. 

Visitors can take advantage of the vertical cave’s pleasant temperature during the cooler months while admiring the formations and tricky passages. 

This heart-pounding underground adventure is close to Lafayette, Georgia, and is likely to leave you gasping for air. 

Grab your helmet and get ready to conquer Ellison’s Cave.

Which state has the most caves?

1. Kentucky

Which State is the Caving Capital of America? Kentucky
Source: Micheal

 In the United States, Kentucky is the state with the most caverns. Kentucky, also called the “Cave State,” has approximately 4000 known caves. 

The state’s geology, with its enormous limestone formations generating excellent circumstances for cave development, is largely responsible for this state’s profusion of caves. 

The world’s longest-known cave system, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, is a major contributor to the state’s total number of caves. 

Therefore, Kentucky should be at the top of your list if you’re a cave enthusiast seeking a state with a multitude of underground delights to discover!

2. Missouri

Which State is the Caving Capital of America? Missouri
Source: Pexels Collections

Exposing Nature’s Secret Gems

Missouri is a state that welcomes explorers to discover its hidden subsurface delights. 

It is embraced by the alluring beauty of the Ozarks region. 

Missouri, which has a wide variety of cave systems, provides exploration chances for all levels of enthusiast. 

Meramec Caverns, a mesmerizing underground world where visitors can observe unique formations and explore the mysteries that lay within its depths, stands out among its noteworthy features.

3. Tennessee 

Which State is the Caving Capital of America? Tennesse

Eastern Wonders of Cavernous Wonders Tennessee, located in the eastern region of the United States, is home to a wide variety of fascinating caves that beckon adventure-seeking souls to set out on amazing underground treks. 

For those who love exploring caves, the Cumberland Plateau holds a special place in their hearts because it provides a window into the beauty of the underground world. 

Cumberland Caverns glows as a light of natural wonders within this rough terrain, enthralling travelers with its beautiful beauty and geological wonders.explorers


Which State is the Caving Capital of America?
Source: National Park Service

And that, my fellow explorers: Which State is the Caving Capital of America? we have decided! We’ve learned from researching the intriguing world of American caves that Kentucky has a legitimate claim to the title of “Caving Capital of America.” 

With more than 4000 known caves, including the fabled Mammoth Cave, Kentucky has a wealth of undiscovered treasures just waiting to be discovered.

So grab your kit and head to Kentucky if you’re looking for an exhilarating and breathtaking adventure. 

Experience the untouched splendor of its caves, which include mystifying underground rivers and breathtaking rock formations. 

This answers your question on which US state has the most caves. The adventure into Kentucky’s caves promises to be one you will remember, whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious novice. Happy Caving!