The Best Beaches in New Haven for Your Next Getaway

New Haven offers activities for all interests, whether you want to relax in the sun or go on an exciting adventure. We'll discuss a few of New Haven, Connecticut's top beaches in this piece, along with the reasons why they're so fantastic for your next vacation. So get ready as we go across some of the best New Haven beaches on a sun-kissed adventure. Go ahead and grab your sunscreen as we go on an exciting journey to New Haven!

I’m certain you are familiar with the sensation of being at the beach. The feeling of excitement you get when you get into the water with the sun warming your skin.

A beach trip is truly enjoyable, soothing, and energizing. And what better way to enjoy the thrills of a beach than to take a trip to the city of New Haven, Connecticut? 


Long Island Sound’s coastline is home to the charming town of New Haven. As a result,  a wide variety of beaches are ideal for any occasion. 

From East Shore Park to Lighthouse Point Park, the beaches in New Haven, Ct, are among the best beaches in the world, particularly on the East Coast. They offer swimming, fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, among other activities.

New Haven offers activities for all interests, whether you want to relax in the sun or go on an exciting adventure. 

We’ll discuss a few of New Haven, Connecticut’s top beaches in this piece, along with the reasons why they’re so fantastic for your next vacation. 


So get ready as we go across some of the best New Haven beaches on a sun-kissed adventure. Go ahead and grab your sunscreen as we go on an exciting journey to New Haven!

The Best Beaches in New Haven for Your Next Getaway

1. Lighthouse Point Park Beach

#1 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its Lighthouse, Beach and Swimming, Picnicking and Recreation, Carousel, Bird Watching, Viewpoints, and Historical Significance

Lighthouse Point Park Beach in New Haven showing a old white painted Lighthouse facing the body of water
Source: Lighthouse Beach

A beach lover’s heaven, Lighthouse Point Park is tucked away in the center of New Haven, Connecticut. Located on Lighthouse Road, Lighthouse Point Park is a well-liked New Haven Beach. 

There is a lighthouse, a splash park for children, a carousel, and hiking trails near the shore. Amazing vistas may be found in this lovely park.

To avoid getting sand in your food, there is even a picnic area where you may grill. 

There is also a snack bar if you forget your food. Residents of New Haven are entitled to free use of this beach; however, a parking fee applies to visitors. 

Lighthouse Park Beach is one of the most well-liked Beaches in New Haven and the ideal spot for a day at the shore!

2. Dover Beach

#2 in best beaches in New Haven: Dover Beach is a standout destination known for its serene ambiance and pristine sands and claims the top spot among New Haven’s beaches. 

Dover Beach in New Haven with two Tourists walking hand in hand on the beach in a sunny day.
The Best Beaches in New Haven for Your Next Getaway

Just like its counterpart, Lighthouse Point Park Beach, Dover Beach is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and captivating beauty. 

It is best known for providing a tranquil setting that beckons visitors to unwind and enjoy the sun-soaked shores. 

With swimming and leisure activities as its main highlights, the beach becomes a focal point for families and friends seeking quality time together. 

Dover Beach, one of the nicest beaches in New Haven, Ct, is the ideal location for adventurers and sun lovers. 

This New Haven, Connecticut beach offers water lovers a wonderful playground with its frolicking waves and alluring shoreline. 

The perfect beach for swimming, sunbathing, and spending time with loved ones. There is a playground, picnic tables, and a sizable gazebo there.

In the summer, Dover Beach is available for swimming from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Animal and plant life is abundant on the shore. 

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It is the perfect setting for relishing and admiring the beauty of nature. It is not only lovely, but it also features many amenities that will make your stay relaxing and pleasurable.


3. Cosey Beach

Cosey Beach in New Haven with blue skies and an serene looking seashore.
Source: The Shores

#3 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its cozy and inviting atmosphere, Cosey Beach offers a charming retreat along the shoreline. 

With a laid-back ambiance, it is favored by visitors for its serene waters, making it ideal for swimming and relaxation. Its intimate setting often attracts locals and tourists looking for a tranquil beach experience.

In East Haven, Connecticut, is an idyllic beach known as Cosey Beach that is located on Long Island Sound. 

Visitors who wish to unwind in the sun and take in the natural beauty of Connecticut’s coastline frequently go there. 

This beach is well-liked by locals and tourists alike and is regarded as one of the top beaches near New Haven, Ct. Swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and kayaking are just a few of the activities available to visitors at Cosey Beach.

A laid-back beach day is ideal at Cosey Beach. Anywhere along Cosey Avenue is a free parking lot from which you may access the beach. 


The beach is well-lit at night, making it a secure place to take a stroll in the evening. With its lovely vistas and tranquil ambiance, this is a perfect spot for you to chill.

4. Morris Cove Beach

#4 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its picturesque location in Morris Cove, this beach offers a blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. 

With calm waters perfect for swimming, it’s a popular spot for families and individuals seeking a relaxing beach outing. The cove’s scenic surroundings contribute to its allure.

Morris Cove Beach, one of the picturesque New Haven, Connecticut beaches, is situated in the Morris Cove area. This beach is a local favorite and a hidden gem. 

Visitors can take advantage of a variety of attractions and activities there. It’s a remarkable place with a distinctive ambiance, stunning vistas, and opportunities for kayaking and fishing.

Morris Cove Beach is an excellent site to launch a kayak or paddleboard and explore the harbor. 

On the beach, designated picnic sites are first-come, first-served. Morris Cove Beach provides tourists with free parking, unlike many other beaches in the region. This is surely one of the best beaches in New Haven.

5. Silver Sands Beach

#5 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its expansive sandy shores and stunning coastal landscapes, Silver Sands Beach is a true gem. 

Silver Sands Beach in New Haven with huge rocks surrounding the water body
Source: The Waters

This beach offers a remarkable place for relaxation and water activities. Its name is synonymous with pristine beauty, drawing visitors to its inviting waters, making it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists.

The beach known as Silver Sands is situated in Milford, Connecticut’s New Haven County. It is free and one of the nicest beaches in the New Haven region! Numerous watersports can be enjoyed at this beach. The Silver Sands tradewinds in the wintertime are ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Take a walk on the beach and warm yourself in the azure seas to get the most enjoyment out of Silver Sands. 

You can enjoy drinks and snacks on the beautifully covered picnic benches. The kids will like the little play area that is also there.

6. Garvan Point Beach

#6 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its secluded and peaceful environment, Garvan Point Beach provides an escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Garvan Point Beach in New Haven in the evening with a dark red sun pouring its dim lights on the blue waters

This beach is cherished for its tranquil atmosphere, making it a haven for those seeking solitude and the calming sound of waves. It’s a hidden oasis for nature lovers.

Garvan Point Beach is a fantastic beach in New Haven County, about a 5-minute drive from the opulent Madison Beach Hotel. 

Locals refer to it as Surf Club Park, and it is a well-liked, well-kept beach with a stunning sunset view. At the beach, you may take advantage of amenities, including a picnic area, an outside shower and restrooms, barbecues, and a play area for children. 

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Additionally, there is a baseball field, a basketball court, and a beach volleyball court. 

Before jumping into the Sound for a swim, you can take a stroll along the soft sand beach. A nearby restaurant like M & J Beach Grille and Seafood is a good choice after spending the day at the beach. 

Parking at Surf Club Park is free after 5 p.m., but you must pay to avoid receiving a parking penalty. Wouldn’t you agree with me that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Haven County, Connecticut?

7. Sea Bluff Beach

#7 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its scenic bluffs and captivating vistas, Sea Bluff Beach is a visual delight. 

A white house facing the Sea Bluff Beach In New Haven where Tourists are camped close to the sea shore
Source: Scenery Imagination

This beach offers more than just sand and water – it’s a destination for awe-inspiring views that showcase the coastline’s natural beauty. 

Its unique landscape makes it a must-visit for sightseers.

Sea Bluff Beach is one of the top beaches near New Haven, Ct. It is a sizable public beach in West Haven that is accessible from New Haven and is only 14 minutes away. 

Spending a hot day lounging on the sand or cooling down in the water is ideal at Sea Bluff Beach. 

Thanks to the beach’s numerous volleyball nets, those seeking more energetic diversions can participate in impromptu beach volleyball matches. 

The beach also provides walkways for walks along the lovely shoreline if a more tranquil beachside experience is wanted. 

If you want to spend time alone or with family and friends relaxing, this is undoubtedly a terrific location to visit.

8. Jacobs Beach

#8 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its family-friendly atmosphere and recreational amenities, Jacobs Beach caters to a wide range of beachgoers. 

Jacob's Beach in New Haven
Source: Jacob Beach

With facilities for picnics and leisure, it’s a popular choice for gatherings. Its well-maintained setting and inviting waters make it a local favorite.

A secret treasure in New Haven County is Jacobs Beach in Guilford. This calm beach, one of the best New Haven Beaches, offers more than simply sand and waves. 

It is a lovely and peaceful beach. There are several things to do here, including basketball courts, playgrounds, a sprinkler area, and volleyball courts.

Be ready for the spectacular images of the vivid, colorful sky as twilight approaches. 

This area’s coastline is covered in seashells, making it a wonderful site to walk and expand your collection. But to keep your feet safe when you enter the water, water shoes are a necessity. 

There are also covered picnic tables, outside showers, restrooms, change rooms, and other comforts on the beach for your convenience.

9. Stony Creek Beach

#9 in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its charming shoreline and proximity to the quaint Stony Creek village, and it exudes coastal New England charm. 

Stony Creek Beach with blue sky and crystal clear waters and tourists at the seashore
Source: Stony Creek Beach

A serene atmosphere is perfect for relaxation and enjoying the water. The nearby village adds an extra layer of appeal with its unique character.

Stony Creek Beach in Branford is one of the most stunning beaches in New Haven County. 

It has a wonderful sandy shoreline where you can unwind after swimming and is quite clean. 

In addition to swimming, this beach’s visitors would like to kayak, paddle, picnic, and fish.

The launch site is just past the beach if you’re considering taking a boat tour to the Thimble Islands. 

Although there is little street parking and the parking lot is small, you should arrive early to obtain a spot to avoid having to walk far to get to the beach. 

This is truly a beautiful beach to escape daily life’s stresses.

10. Owenego Beach & Tennis Club

#10  in best beaches in New Haven: Best known for its exclusive and upscale offerings, Owenego Beach & Tennis Club provides more than just a beach experience. 

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An image of Owenego Beach & Tennis Club with Tourists in the seashore
Source: Owenego Beach

With tennis facilities and a private club atmosphere, it caters to those seeking recreation and luxury. Its beachfront location adds to its allure as a premium destination.

There is no better beach in New Haven County if you are prepared to spend money on membership for your summertime enjoyment than Owenego Beach & Tennis Club. 

Kids may swim and play on the Captain Kids Playground at this relaxed beach club, which boasts a beautiful waterfront location on Long Island Sound. 

Adults can unwind on the beach, go swimming, and kayak to the close-by Thimble Islands. 

You can access the club’s tennis courts as part of your membership. You can purchase private or shared bathrooms, kayak and boat storage, and more with your membership. 

Eat at one of the restaurants on-site and participate in the dances, cookouts, and themed nights to get the most out of your summer beach vacation.


You should try any of the beaches listed above if you’re seeking the greatest beaches in New Haven, Connecticut, to enjoy yourself on! 

There are just three beaches in the city of New Haven mentioned here: Lighthouse Point Park, Morris Cove, and Dover Beach. 

Although they are all located in New Haven County, Connecticut, the remaining beaches on this list are just a short drive from the city of New Haven. 

All of these beaches offer fantastic facilities, entertainment, and attractions for beachgoers. 

New Haven is the spot to be, irrespective of if you want to sunbathe all day or go on an adventurous adventure. Therefore, start Planning your beach day right away! Go out there and have fun!

Here’s a summary of the best beaches in New Haven:

  1. Lighthouse Point Park Beach 
  2. Dover Beach
  3. Cosey Beach
  4. Morris Cove Beach 
  5. Silver Sands Beach 
  6. Garvan Point Beach 
  7. Sea Bluff Beach 
  8. Jacobs Beach 
  9. Stony Creek Beach 
  10. Owengo Beach & Tennis Club

Does New Haven, CT, have a beach?

Some of the most scenic beaches in the United States may be found in New Haven, a well-liked and lovely city in Connecticut. 
Intrigued if the charming New Haven has a beautiful beach to offer? Some of Connecticut’s most gorgeous beaches are in New Haven.

What is the closest beach to New Haven, CT?

One of the beaches that is closest to New Haven is Silver Sands Beach in Milford.
Planning a coastal getaway? Discover the closest beach to New Haven.
Are you planning a coastal getaway? If yes, add Silver Sands Beach to your itinerary, just a 25-minute drive from New Haven.

Which haven has the best beach?

New Haven has the best beach you can ask for in Connecticut.
Seeking the ultimate haven with the most delightful beach?
If you seek the Haven with the most delightful beach in Connecticut, New Haven City is your answer.

Can you swim in the ocean in New Haven?

New Haven has some of the best beach oceans for your swimming pleasure.
Dreaming of ocean dips in New Haven? Then get packing, make your way to New Haven right now, and take as many dips as you want.

Which city is New Haven located in?

New Haven County, Connecticut, United States, is home to the lovely City of New Haven. Curious to know in which city the captivating New Haven is located?
I’m sure you are curious to know the City where the Captivating New Haven is located. Well, New Haven County, Connecticut, is your answer.

Does Connecticut have beaches?

There are miles of picturesque New England beaches within the Connecticut coast. Does picturesque Connecticut offer sandy shores for beach lovers?
Connecticut’s coast is filled with white sand beaches for all beach lovers’ pleasure and satisfaction.

Is the water in New Haven, CT, safe?

Water in New Haven is on par with the greatest. All national, state, and Local agencies’ requirements for water quality are met or exceeded by it.
Are you concerned about the water’s safety in the heart of New Haven, CT? Well, don’t be concerned because New Haven has one of the best water quality in Connecticut.

Is New Haven water hard or soft?

According to the USGS Measures of Water Hardness, New Haven has the hardest documented water at 194 PPM, which is regarded as very hard.
Pondering whether the water in New Haven is gentle (soft) or has character (hard)?
It is quite hard to determine if New Haven Water is gentle or not, as it all depends on the type of water.


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