The 9 Best Waterfalls In Cuba To Explore

Cuba is a long, narrow island in the Caribbean that is well-known for its vibrant culture, picture-perfect beaches, and dense woods.It's likely that once you've seen one of Cuba's incredible waterfalls, you'll get addicted. On the other hand, if you've never been there and haven't seen these magnificent waterfalls in person, this is the ideal time to go exploring.

Cuba boasts a rich history, diverse cuisine, old architecture, and breathtaking beaches. But that’s not all; it is also home to some of the most exotic waterfalls in the world.

Waterfalls aren’t just beauties; they can positively affect us. According to Pierce Howard, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research, being close to waterfalls can make you happier. So if you’ve been thinking about where to go on your next vacation for the best possible experience, this article might be a sign for you to visit one or more of Cuba’s waterfalls.


From hidden gems deep in the forest to popular tourist destinations, Cuba waterfalls offer unparalleled natural beauty you don’t want to miss. In this post, we will be taking you on a journey through the best waterfalls in Cuba. Rest assured that it’s going to be a fun ride.

Cuba has got lots of amazing waterfalls but we thought it best to share with you the 9 most beautiful. Let’s get started:

9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in Cuba

1. El Nicho Waterfall

El nicho waterfall
Source: Beyond The Ordinary

This waterfall is located in the city of Cienfuegos in Trinidad, Cuba, and people who visit it testify to its unique natural beauty. 


Some tourists take over a 15km ride to the top of El nicho park (where the waterfall is located) in good cars with experienced drivers. They move around the parks and behold the beauties at the same time. 

This park has a guide who leads visitors through the forest part and shows them the unique features of El nicho waterfall and garden. 

These features include the Cuban birds and their sonorous sounds on trees, El nicho natural swimming pool, and a tocororo. etc.  

Source: Erik Wayne Vlogs

Again, the El nicho waterfall has showers and rooms where the visitors (who wish to freshen up after a long tour at the park) can change their wares.

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It also has an entertainment center, good lunch, and hilarious cocktail makers who can make you laugh out loud. Amazing!!!

El nicho park has an outstanding mountain where visitors can stop at different waterfalls and swim.

2. Parque El Cubano Waterfall

Cuba Waterfalls
Source: Tripadvisor

Like the El nicho waterfall, Parque El Cubano waterfall has a local guide who points out the local fauna and flora as parts of the waterfall’s unique features located at La Pastora in Trinidad, Cuba. 

This waterfall has a narrow bridge where the river flows down a flat and smooth path. Sometimes, the flow goes up some gentle rocky hills where each hill is some kilometers away from the other. 

This waterfall has rockpools, Sendero Cimarrones, and a provision where tourists can spot and swim before traveling back.

Also, Parque El Cubano has a good lunch style (just like El nicho visitors center), with some sweet coffee for tourists.


3. Vegas Grande Waterfall

Vegas grande waterfall
Source: Wikiloc

Standard features run through some of these waterfalls. Cuban tourists also visit the Vegas Grande for sightseeing. 

A large pool covers some kilometers around the park with rocky roads that pass through to a forest.

It has unique features, which include: trees where different exotic birds make screeches, swimming pools, changing and relaxing rooms, and entertainment centers for interested visitors.

Vegas Grande is a beautiful waterfall, and tourists behold an excellent overview at the beginning of their trail. 

However, it has been reported that hiking around this waterfall can be challenging and rough, but even with that, it’s still one waterfall in Cuba you don’t want to miss.

4. Salto Del Guayabo Waterfall

Salto del guayabo waterfall
Source: Cuba Unique

The Salto Del Guayabo Waterfall is located at Julio Antonio Mella in Cuba and offers visitors swimming and zip-lining options.

This attractive waterfall is famous globally and is visited by people all over the world. It has a center that every visitor will love to see on their visit.

Also, this center has an entertainment base, good meals, and many fun activities tourists can engage in.


5. Salto De Sorao Waterfall

Salto de sorao waterfall
Source: Trip Cuba

Salto De Soroa is another fantastic waterfall in Cuba that people (especially swimmers) from around the world frequently visit. Located at Orchid garden, some kilometers away from Havana (the capital city of Cuba).

Unlike other waterfalls on our list, the pool of Salto De Sorao can only contain a specific number of persons at a time. It is a picturesque waterfall, and the capacity changes based on the rainfall in the area. However, most people visit this waterfall not to swim in its pool, but to take pictures.

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Cuba’s rainbow showcases its stunning colors from the sky towards the direction of the Salto De Soroa waterfalls.

Again, its water percolates smoothly with a pleasant sound down to a beautiful rock, and the pool under the waterfalls is deep enough for swimming. However, tourists usually go to the falls directly – some prefer the top of the falls to behold and have their best moments of tourism. 

However, this waterfall’s top side is soft, slippery, and uncomfortable for children and elderly tourists.

6. Salto De Javira Waterfall

Salto de Javira waterfall
Source: Trinidad Sightseeing

This waterfall is located at Topes de Collantes in Cuba and has breathtaking natural outlooks. You can visit the Salto De Javira in all weather conditions, and the experience of being there cannot be forgotten after a long period of time.


As it is with De Sorao, this waterfall is ideal for swimming, and boasts many unique features, it also has a pool with natural salt water.

The Salto De Javira is a good choice for friends, family members, and other groups to visit in their leisure time.

7. Salto Del Caburni Waterfall

Salto del caburni waterfall
Source: TripAdvisor

This waterfall is located at Topes Collantes National Park, Cuba. Just as with the El nicho waterfall, Del Caburni is frequently visited by tourists. This waterfall is astonishing, with water flowing from the top of the pool to the pool beneath the waterfall.

As part of its unique features, Salto Del Caburni requires a long hike, after which the tourists swim in the pool. This waterfall is attractive, but can be dangerous for careless swimmers, especially folks who love to jump into the pools from rocks.

8. Parque Guanayara Waterfall

Parque guanayara waterfall
Source: Escape Artist Katie

This waterfall is located at the mountain range of Sierra del Escambray Trinidad, Cuba, and is an ideal place made by nature which tourists are never tired of visiting. 

Most visitors in Guanayara take lots of time at the waterfall when beholding the beauties without losing interest.

The unique feature of Guanayara waterfall is the Rambo Jungle with tropical plants, pools for swimming, beautiful rocks, and a guide who leads you along the jungle.

Tourists travel up the Rambo mountain in an old disguised military truck as they keep viewing this waterfall from there. 

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Another feature is that the waterfall has some animals, such as birds, donkeys, horses, and pigs roaming the jungle.

Guanayara waterfall is also unique for hiking, swimming, and zip-lining.

Also, you will behold breathtaking scenery during your visit to this waterfall as one of the things to do there.

9. Salto Hoyo Del Pilón Waterfall

Salto hoyo del pilón waterfall
Source: Cuba Unique

The Salto Hoyo Del Pilón waterfall is located at Cienfuegos Trinidad, Cuba – it would amaze you to know that the only way to get to the waterfall is on the back of a horse. Yes, you read that right. You may come to the Tres Cruces park in a taxi or bike, but you must get to the waterfall on a horse 

Pilon waterfall has horses and other features like the Tres Cruces Park (where you can start your view), swimming holes, and guides who will take you along for a better view.

Best Times to Visit Waterfalls in Cuba

The best time to visit Cuba’s waterfalls depends on a few factors, which include: the weather, and the choice of the visitors, etc. 

However, the time differs from one waterfall to another. For instance, the best time to visit the El nicho waterfall is in the Cuban dry season (from November to April), when the weather is cool. 

Some tourists may choose to visit when there is no crowd at the waterfall.

However, based on the choices of the tourists, the best weather conditions may differ. So, if the dry season is the best for a group of tourists, the wet season may be so for another group. 

The most important thing is that the visitors always catch their best moments.

Again, the busiest period in the Cuban tourism calendar is from November to April, and tourists who choose the dry season can catch good weather in that period.

Best Things to do at Waterfalls in Cuba

Activities at the Cuba waterfalls include swimming, strolling for sightseeing, zip-lining, and hiking. etc.

So, it all depends on the one you choose to do when you visit any of the waterfall locations mentioned here.


In summary, Cuba is a country that offers many natural wonders, and its waterfalls are among the most spectacular. In this post, we have shared with you the 9 best Cuba waterfalls to explore – and they are only a small fraction of the many dazzling waterfalls that can be found in Cuba.

From the stunning cascades of the Salto del Caburni to the refreshing pools of the El Nicho waterfall, each of the waterfalls discussed in this article offers a unique and unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and head out to explore the beauty of Cuba’s waterfalls.