Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Oxford, Maine

The county of Oxford is located in Maine, United States. It borders the towns of Paris, Hebron, Norway, Poland, and Otis field. Oxford, Maine is home to many summer camps and has some natural and wildlife areas and other well-known attractions, including the renowned Oxford Casino. 

If you intend to visit Oxford, Maine anytime soon and would like to learn about some of the coolest and most exciting things to do while in the town, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will be exploring the top 20 exciting things to do in Oxford, Maine. 


Without further ado, let’s get started, but first, let’s quickly answer the question: What is Oxford, Maine known for?

What is Oxford, Maine known for?

One of the best top tourist attraction In Oxford. Maine.
Source: travel lemming

The lovely town of Oxford, Maine, is well-known for its many popular tourist attractions, including zoos, architectural landmarks, golf courses, museums, mountains, beaches, and vineyards.

It is also well-known for the Oxford County Fair, which holds every year.


20 Best & Most Exciting Things to do in Oxford, ME

Everyone looking for a great and relaxing destination to go for that well-deserving vacation break and holiday will agree that Oxford, Maine is home to some of the most beautiful and tranquil leisure establishments. 


To assist you in your search for some of the best places to visit in Oxford, Maine, we’ve put together a list of the top things to do there.

1. Watch a race at Oxford Plains Speedway

Oxford Plains Speedway is the largest asphalt racetrack located at Main Street, Oxford, Maine. One great thing about Oxford Plains Speedway is its ability to host several Pro All-Star Series race events every year. 

What other family-friendly activities would you ask for other than witnessing a live racing event? 

If you are a little unsure about having a pleasant time out with your family while visiting Oxford, you should go to Oxford Plains Speedway.

2. A visit to the popular Oxford Casino 

Casino in Oxford, Maine
Source: Oxford Casino

Owned by Churchill Downs Inc, Oxford Casino, is one of the many popular attractions in Oxford, Maine. The casino boasts a 27,000 square foot gaming space that’s ideal for folks who enjoy gaming.

With over 900 exciting slot machines, video poker, and a number of card games like blackjack, craps, and more, Oxford Casino Hotel is open around-the-clock and offers exhilarating gambling.

Other advantages provided by the Oxford Rewards Players Club include Free Game Play and the ability to use Slot Points to purchase food at our pub-style restaurant, Ox Pub. 

Only a few feet away from all the exciting gaming action is their luxurious casino hotel.

3. Summer camping at Kamp Kohut 

Kamp Kohut in Oxford, Maine
Source: kamp-kohut

Oxford, Maine, is home to many summer camps, one of which is the traditional camp, Kamp Kohut. 


Kamp Kohut is undoubtedly one of the best places to pay a visit in Oxford, Maine if you are looking for a place that would give you a traditional, cultural, yet satisfying experience. 

Do consider putting summer camping on your to-do list if you haven’t done that. 

4. Experience the beauty of nature at Mayberry Hill Preserve 

Are you a natural and wildlife enthusiast in Oxford, looking to bask in the beauty of mother nature? Make your way down to Mayberry Hill Preserve, located in Casco, a city near Oxford, Maine. 

It houses different species of mammals, birds, mushrooms, and other types of animals and plants. It is a great place for some of the best outdoor activities like bird watching, hunting, and hiking, to mention but a few. 

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5. Spa date at Jordan Spa 

What better way to relax, unwind and rejuvenate yourself after a fun, yet stressful and tiring long vacation day than to treat yourself and that special someone to a relaxing spa date? 

Jordan hotel offers a wide variety of spa services like massages and body treatments in its spa center, Jordan Spa. This is surely one of the nicest things to do if you find yourself in Oxford. 

6. Visit some of best wineries and distilleries near Oxford, Maine 

Wine and distilleries in Oxford, Maine
Source: Wander the Map

If you are probably looking forward to exploring other cities near Oxford, for that first-hand experience in wine production and distillation, you should consider visiting wineries like the Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery Tasting Room or the White Mountain Winery.

7. Dine at the Lost Gull Fish n’ Chips 

The lost gull fish n' chips in Oxford, Maine
Source: Lost Gull Fish n’ Chips

Oh, that’s true, food!!! What is a vacation without food? Incomplete right? Exactly. 


A vacation is not yet complete without having to eat and stuff yourself with some nicely prepared food. 

Lost Gull Fish n’ Chips is one of the popular attractions in Oxford, Maine. It is a good place to have a nice, relaxing hot family lunch as the restaurant has been known for many years for serving the finest seafood in Maine.

8. Horse riding experience at Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center 

Horse riding at Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center is one of the many exciting things to do in Oxford, Maine with kids. If you are a horse lover, you will agree with us that nothing beats that scary and exciting horseback riding experience – and that’s something you can enjoy at the Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center.

9. Frye burg Public Library 

Public library in Oxford, Maine
Source: Weston-room

The Fryeburg public library is a good place to be if you want to get your hands on books to read and learn new and exciting things because you know as the saying goes, no knowledge is a waste.

10. Sightseeing tour at Vintage Fire Truck, Portland Maine 

The vintage fire engine truck offers coastal scenery to historic sites, with live narration accompanied. 

If you are in Oxford, Maine and would like to enjoy an overview of Portland, a nearby city, then you should consider sightseeing and shopping aboard the vintage fire engine truck.


11. Attend the Oxford Annual County Fair 

Oxford, Maine county fair
Source: County Fair

Oxford County Fair is a yearly fair held in Oxford, Maine with many events like concerts and sporting events. Summer and fall are not complete in Maine without the fair. 

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So, if you happen to be in Oxford during this period then you should stay back and have a feel of the fair before making your way back home. 

12. Boating Experience at Robinson Marina 

This is yet another interesting thing to do in Oxford, ME. A lifetime fun-packed boating experience is one opportunity that you should not pass while you are on that well-deserving break with the hope of having a nice time either alone or with a loved one(s). 

Robinson Marina offers a boating experience, especially if it is your first time going to sea.

13. Dinner date at some of the popular restaurants in Oxford, Maine

Restaurant for a romantic date in Oxford, Maine
Source: timeout

A dinner date is one way to make your loved one feel special. 

There are a lot of popular new and old restaurants and eat out that you can go to for a nice warm relaxing dinner date like the KFC, pleasant point inn, deluxe diner, etc. 

14. Take a walk 

Taking a walk is one way to stretch and relax your legs. 

The mountain walk trail is a good place to take a good relaxing walk alone or with friends as it provides some beautiful scenic viewing. 

15. Outdoor skiing experience at the ultimate dog sledding experience

The ultimate dog sledding experience is one of the best and most exciting outdoor activities, especially if you are a dog lover as there are different species of dogs you can take a look at. 

16. Visit Ricky Dee’s ice cream 

Ricky Dee's ice cream shop in Oxford, Maine
Source: restaurant guru

You should consider taking a cold relaxing treat after a hot day and what better place to do that if not Ricky Dee’s ice cream? 

If you are in Oxford, Maine, you should consider going to stuff your face with ice cream and other sweet treats. 

17. Drive through Evan Notch 

Evan notch in Oxford, Maine
Source: Maine an Encyclopedia

Whether you’re on vacation or considering going on vacation, Evan Notch is one of the best spots to go for a drive as it boasts cool, calming, fresh, and gorgeous views.

18. Visit Screw Auger Falls 

Screw Auger Falls in Oxford, Maine
Source: New England Waterfall

Are you a lover of waterfalls and nature? Then the Screw Auger Falls is one place you should go to in Oxford, Maine and enjoy the beautiful view the waterfall provides. 

19. Culinary walking tour 

Taking a tour and enjoying one of the most exquisite foods in Portland near Oxford, Maine is one way to either start or end that beautiful vacation. So make plans and get yourself a tour guide and enjoy yourself. 

20. A visit to Oxbow beer garden 

Oxbow beer garden in Oxford, Maine
Source: Only In Your State

Oxbow beer garden is another great place to visit in Oxford, Maine. It has a bar, restaurant, and ski trails suitable for a nice family time. 


In this post, we have shared with you the 20 fun things to do in Oxford, Maine. Although it’s a small town, Oxford, Maine is an amazing place where you can have a swell time alone or with loved ones. The town is blessed with a lot of natural attractions good for vacations and holidays.

If you ever pay a visit to Oxford, Maine, you definitely should check out some of the places mentioned in this post – you will be mighty glad you did.


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