Top 20 Fun Things To Do In Gladwin, MI(Michigan)

Gladwin has a small-town, welcoming atmosphere and offers fantastic camping and biking opportunities. Being able to go cycling, hiking, shopping, and dining makes it a top choice on our list of Michigan vacation ideas!It is a charming, up-and-coming small city worth seeing.

Hey, there, traveler! Here we have for you another amazing blog post: Top 20 fun things to do in Gladwin, MI. Have you ever traveled to a new location and felt awestruck by it? 

Yes right? That is exactly how you will feel when visiting Gladwin, Michigan. 


In the U.S. state of Michigan, the city of Gladwin is located in Gladwin County. Be aware of the fact that it may not be as well-known as other American cities. 

Gladwin has a small-town, welcoming atmosphere and offers fantastic camping and biking opportunities. Being able to go cycling, hiking, shopping, and dining makes it a top choice on our list of Michigan vacation ideas!

It is a charming, up-and-coming small city worth seeing. 

You’ll be astonished by some of the amazing activities and locations you can discover in this hidden place. Read on if you need clarification on whether Gladwin should be on your list of destinations if you have plans to travel to the United States.


We have compiled 20 fun things to do in Gladwin, MI, in this article. 

You will be happy you did if you included this city in your vacation itinerary because there are lots of great Gladwin tourist attractions that you would love.

Let’s explore!

1. Visit the Stone Cottage Gardens

Stone Cottage Gardens
Source: Stone Cottage Gardens

Stone Cottage Gardens, located on Willford Road, is a gorgeous outdoor space with well-kept greenery, colorful flowerbeds, and stunning views.

It is one of the popular Gladwin tourist attractions. 

The garden fulfills all of your demands, whether they involve relaxing or taking beautiful pictures.

Visit this garden and take in the tranquil scenery.

2. Go golfing at Sugar Springs Golf Course

Large green area for golfing at the Sugar Springs Golf Course
Source: all square golf

Do you want to harness and improve your golfing skills when visiting Gladwin? 

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Then, have a great day at Sugar Springs Golf Course. 


Locals and visitors can play on this 18-hole course.

Whether seasoned golfers or beginners, all skill-level players can play here with no issues, thanks to the well-kept greens.

3. Go wine tasting at Merry-Hearted Cidery

Located in the center of Gladwin, Merry-Hearted Cidery is a small but legally permitted winery. 

Handcrafted ciders prepared with apples and other fruits can be tasted in this winery. These ciders are gluten-free and don’t include any artificial flavors. 

It is one of the most incredible things to do in Gladwin this weekend.

You absolutely must visit their charming tasting room.

4. Visit the Whitetails Live

A brown Deer at the Whitetails Live, Gladwin, MI(Michigan)
Source: northern Ontario Travel

If you fancy the idea of feeding a Whitetail deer, then make a stop at Whitetails Live.

They also have a lot of archery supplies and a range for practicing. They offer a wide range of hard ice cream in the summer. 


Everyone who enjoys the outdoors can find a great selection of presents. 

5. Go for a relaxing massage at Oasis Salon and Spa

Oasis offers more than just what a spa in a “big city” would and has a peaceful river view. 

Booking any of their wonderful services is one of the most relaxing things to do in Gladwin, MI, because you won’t be disappointed.

They provide amazing massages, body treatments, and facials to relieve stress and soothe your muscles and mind.

Their talented therapists and aestheticians will assist in choosing the best for you.

6. Dine at Riverwalk Grill

Three pieces of meats on a grill with fire beneath at the Riverwalk Grill
Source: Pexel

The Riverwalk Grill, which is part of the Riverwalk Place Resort, is a great place to spend time. 


Beautiful landscaping and a very contemporary exterior make up the resort’s facade. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available for your preferred dining.

In the summer, live entertainment is also offered at the Riverwalk Grill on Fridays and Saturdays.

7. Visit the awesome Riverside Bike Trail

When visiting Gladwin, Michigan, make sure you pack your bike(s) or make plans to rent one. You’ll undoubtedly adore the lovely cycling path!  You can set up at Gladwin City Park and Campground if you’re camping.

Additionally, there are places with benches where you can relax and take in the scenery.

8. Visit Gladwin County Historical Society Museum

Outside view of the Gladwin County Historical Society Museum
Source: PEXEL

A small but fascinating location, the Gladwin County Historical Society Museum offers a wealth of information on local history. 

It contains several items that illustrate the historical way of life in the area. Visits to several homes in the village are included in guided tours. A well-liked annual Carriage Festival is also held there in August. 

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One of the most entertaining and educative things to do in Gladwin, MI, for history lovers is to visit this museum.

9. Attend the Gladwin County Fair

One of the nicest things to do in Gladwin, Michigan, is to attend a festival or event. 

One of which is the Gladwin County Fair, held at the Gladwin County Fairgrounds every year.

Children’s activities, entertainment, food, product sellers, livestock and agriculture contests, midway rides, and much more are among the many things that young and old people can do and see.

To learn when the next fair will be, visit their website.

10. Go Bowling at Meadow Lanes Bowling & Banquet

Meadow Lanes Bowling & Banquet

Meadow Lanes Bowling & Banquet Center has offered Gladwin, Michigan, both family-friendly and 21-and-over entertainment for over 50 years.

They provide visitors of all ages with a full-sized bowling alley, banquet space, an arcade, a snack bar, and a lounge. They also offer truly polite customer service.

Everyone can find something here.

11. Explore Edson Incident

The most adventurous thing to do in Gladwin this weekend, If you want to check out a nearby city, is to head over to Edson Incident, Bay City, and have a blast!

The Edson Incident is a top-notch haunted attraction on board the impressive USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan. 

The five terrible decks of the American Navy Destroyer from the Vietnam War will need anyone who dares to enter to twist and climb! 

You enter a NEW NIGHTMARE at every staircase and turn! 

Will you have a strong heart and endure The EDSON INCIDENT, or will you be a scared cat?

12. Visit the Camp Sports Bar & Grill

Camp Sports Bar & Grill in Gladwin, MI

Among Gladwin’s hidden gems is The Camp Sports Bar & Grill. 

It is renowned for providing hearty servings of delectable meals and cool drinks at an affordable rate. Visitors are bound to have a good time here because of the broad food and relaxed ambiance. 

Your first impression of the interior will be that it is decorated in a 1960s style. It’s essential to try their basic fare, including pizza and mac n’ cheese!

13. Take a tour of the City

Sightseeing is not only the best thing to do in Gladwin, MI, but it’s also a fun way to explore the area and get the most out of it.

You can hire tour guides to show you the city’s stunning landmarks and attractions. You get the opportunity to discover the city’s historical sites and cultural customs.

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Go and discover all that this great city has to offer!

14. Visit Gladwin Heights Golf Club

Gladwin Heights Golf Club in Gladwin, MI

Over the years, the 18-hole Gladwin Heights Golf Club has established itself as a popular tourist destination. 

You and your loved ones will adore it here because of the little hills, trees, water risks, and greenery. It has two sets of tees to accommodate golfers of various skill levels. Throughout the year, they organize several tournaments. 

You can play if you book a tee time in advance.

15. Go shopping at Chic Boutique

This lovely business has clothes for women of all sizes. 

Trendy, fashionable apparel, accessories, and gifts may be found at Chic Boutique. Rustic signs and antiques with Michigan themes are part of their vast collection.

Your new favorite products are waiting for you at the boutique.

Start shopping with that cart!

16. Explore Gladwin City Park

Two men standing in front of a stationary train in Gladwin City Park

The Gladwin City Park Campground is situated in central Michigan. 

You can enjoy their riverside walking track there because it is situated along the Cedar River. 

The park features a playground, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Choose from renting canoes, kayaks, and tubes or relaxing on their sandy beach!

Relaxing at this wonderful park is a lovely thing to do in Gladwin, MI.

17. Pay a visit to Fruitful Orchard & Cider Mill

There is nothing better than a trip to the cider mill in the Fall and some fresh air.

On M-61 in Gladwin, Michigan, you may find Fruitful Orchard and Cider Mill. The ability to choose your apples is, without a doubt, the trip’s high point. 

Along with its renowned donuts, the café offers freshly baked products.

18. Explore Gladwin County Recreation Area

Gladwin County Recreation Area

The Gladwin County Recreation Area, formerly known as the “Sportsmen’s Club,” is located at Shaw Road. 

160 acres of it are dedicated to cross-country ski trails, hiking trails, and five kilometers of mountain biking tracks. 

For a lovely, tranquil picnic, there are seasonal picnic areas.

Additionally, there is a handicapped-accessible, 0.5-mile asphalt walking route.

19. Go Kayaking or canoeing at the Cedar River

Enjoy a leisurely day of canoeing, kayaking, and tubing on the pristine Cedar River. At the river, you can go on a 2 or 4-hour canoe or kayak excursion as well as a 1 or 3.5-hour tube tour.

The Cedar River flows through the heart of Gladwin, Michigan. One of the best things to do in Gladwin, MI, is to enjoy a fun water activity. 

20. Enjoy a nice picnic at Gladwin North Park

A family sitting with their dog outside in Gladwin North Park

Spending time with loved ones while having a picnic in the park is lovely.

Gladwin North Park offers a great outdoor area for many activities, including a nice leisurely romantic picnic and even conducting special events.

With the one you love, come here and be encircled by the tall, dense woods. Enjoy the gorgeous blossoming that this park nurtures. 


There you have it, folks, on our little exposé on the top 20 fun things to do in Gladwin, Michigan. Gladwin is a lovely vacation spot filled with lots of wonderful activities such as shopping, bowling, golfing, wine tasting, picnics, etc.

There are countless chances for relaxation and exploration in this wonderful destination. You will be okay with choosing Gladwin for your next destination.

Book a flight today and have fun.


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