Valley of Roses, Morocco: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to explore and discover Morocco’s hidden gem? Join us as we tour the valley of roses. This lovely place, found in the nation’s southern region, is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, voluminous culture, and famous roses.

In this post, we will be sharing with you what to expect when you visit the breathtaking valley of the roses, Morocco. We will discuss when is the ideal time to go, what you can see and do, the local customs and culture, lodging alternatives, delectable local cuisine, and some helpful travel advice.


This tourist attraction in Morocco offers a variety of activities that you may engage in whilst there, such as hiking, discovering nearby villages, touring rose distilleries, and taking part in the annual Rose Festival, which we will also be discussing in this post. 

So sit back, relax, and let’s get started:

History of the Valley of Roses & its Contribution to Morocco’s Economy

Valley of roses a hidden gem in Morocco
Source: Marocmama

The rose valley is a hidden treasure in Morocco. The first rose plantations was started by French settlers in the 1930s, continuing a centuries-old history of rose cultivation in the valley. 


The roses are picked in May and June and are utilized to manufacture rosewater, perfumes, and other cosmetic items in high demand domestically and globally, making the rose industry a significant contributor to the local economy today. Several locals can find work in the rose sector as growers, harvesters, and employees of distilleries and industrial facilities. Also, the annual rose festival brings in visitors from all around the world, boosting local economies. So as you can see, the valley of roses is truly essential to Morocco’s economy.

In addition to its economic importance, rose production in the valley has been practiced as a cultural tradition for many years, contributing significantly to the legacy of the area.

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How to get to the Valley of the Roses, Morocco

Morocco"s Airport
Source: Meed

The journey to the rose festival in Morocco is as thrilling and worth an adventure as the valley itself. 

Your budget, time constraints, and preferred means of travel will determine if you will visit the valley by rail, road, or air as your mode of transportation.

If you decide to go by air, the Ouarzazate International Airport, which is around 80 kilometers from the valley of roses, is the closest if you’re flying into Morocco. 

You can choose to ride a cab or rent a private car to go to the valley from the airport.

If you decide to go by rail, the train services there are provided by the national railway, ONCF. But, you are in for a long ride because it takes 8 hours for a train from Casablanca to get to Ouarzazate.

If you’re going by road, several bus companies provide frequent bus routes to Ouarzazate from well-known destinations, including Marrakech, Casablanca, and Agadir. 

You may take a shared cab or a private automobile to the valley after you arrive in Ouarzazate. Borrowing a car is another option if you’re craving an adventure and want to explore the neighborhood. But be ready for narrow roads and challenging mountain crossings. 

Whatever mode of transportation you use, your trip to the valley of roses is sure to be fantastic!


Best Time to Visit the Valley of Roses, Morocco

You'll have sweeping view of outdoor balconies
Source: ireland-travel-deals

The best time to visit the valley of roses, Morocco is from the start of April to late May. The valley is in full bloom around this time, and the temperatures are nice and warm. You’ll be able to bask in the lovely surroundings and savor the delightful rose aroma.

If you are someone who doesn’t like crowded areas or intense heat, you should avoid visiting the valley during the summer (June to August), as the place can become overrun with tourists during this time and the heat can be unbearable. But if you don’t mind all that, be sure to go with sunscreen, a hat, and lots of drinks to stay hydrated. 

Where to Stay to Visit the Valley of Roses, Morocco

1. Hotels 

Kasbah Chems Hotel
Source: Trivago

When it comes to where to stay on your visit to the valley of roses, there are several hotels in and near the valley that you may choose from if you want a more comfortable and relaxing stay. 


Kasbah Chems is a top-rated B&B in the rose valley that offers tours of the Dadès Gorges and the rose valley. You’ll have sweeping views of the surrounding mountains from your terrace and outdoor balcony. 

Kasbah Agoulzi, which is also located in the valley, is a lovely place to spend a couple of nights. 

Depending on how far in advance you book your lodging, you may end up in Skoura or Ouarzazate hotel. You can reach the Dades valley by taxi or rental car from these locations.

In addition to having on-site restaurants offering delectable Moroccan cuisine, several of these hotels provide breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

2. Camping

Camping activities in Morocco
Source: morocco-retreat

On the other hand, camping is another well-known activity in the valley if you’re seeking a more daring experience. 


There are several campgrounds, some of which provide choices for glamping or authentic Berber tents. 

Camping is a beautiful opportunity to get close to nature and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley.

Regardless of your choice of accommodation, your stay at the valley would not be something you forget in a hurry.

Best Things to do in the Valley of Roses, Morocco

1. Go to the Rose Garden

Rose Valley
Source: visitplovdiv

This valley is home to a rose garden that is well-known – they smell beautiful when they bloom in the spring and fill the air. 

Do not pass up the opportunity to stroll among the beautiful flowers the garden produces and take in the breathtaking scenery.

2. Taking a stroll

A woman taking a stroll through a path in the valley of roses
Source: Trekking Morocco Mountains

Taking a stroll on one of the many hiking trails available is another thing you can do on your visit to this wonderful destination. 


You will be blown away by the breathtaking scenes of the surroundings, which include the hills, mountains and iced shaped rocks. 

No matter your level of hiking experience or your desire to stroll, there is a trail for you. 

3. Visit the villages 

A village in Morocco close to the valley of roses
Source: Adobestock

As a tourist, you should also visit the nearby towns and villages. The valley is bordered by quaint towns and villages that glimpse traditional Moroccan life. 

Visit these places. Be sure to stop at El Kelaa M’Gouna, a small village famous for producing rose water.

4. Participate in the Rose Festival

Rose Valley festival In Morocco
Source: Lonely planet

You are in luck if you visit the valley in May as that’s when the yearly rose festival in Morocco takes place. It comes with a lot of dancing, music, and parades to honor the well-known rose garden of the valley.

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In the next section, we will be shedding more light on Morocco’s rose festival.

Valley of Roses Annual Festival in Morocco

Valley of rose festival held annually.
Source: National geographic

As mentioned earlier, the rose valley has its annual festival in May to celebrate the region’s famous rose gardens.

The event, which is characterized as breathtakingly beautiful, is hosted in the valley’s central village of El Kelaa M’Gouna. The precise dates change every year and often span three days from Friday through Sunday. 

Local farmers and villages attend the festival in large numbers, along with visitors from all around the world.

The celebration features a wide variety of activities, including parades, live musical shows, and Moroccan cultural dances. You may also sample some mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine, such as rose jam and rose water.

The coronation of the “Rose Queen,” a young lady selected to symbolize the elegance and importance of the valley’s roses, is one of the festival’s highlights. Also, there are fashion displays, beauty pageants, and other cultural occasions.

Because the valley’s rose gardens have been a crucial component of the nation’s economy for many years, the Rose Festival is vital to Moroccan culture.

The festival celebrates the custom of the Moroccan people and draws guests from all around the world to marvel at the exquisite roses of the valley.

Safety Tips for Traveling to the Valley of Roses, Morocco

Some of the tourist attractions in Morocco
Source: Grand Morocco

Have these few safety tips and travel advice at the back of your mind when you visit Morocco’s valley of roses.

  • Obey local customs and traditions: 

Being a Muslim nation in Morocco, it is essential to dress appropriately and observe local practices. For instance, a mosque or someone’s house requires you to remove your footwear.

  • Take your health seriously: 

Protect your health and safety by using sunscreen, staying hydrated, and avoiding drinking tap water. Be conscious of your environment and protect any valuables.

  • Have a budget: 

Although the rose valley isn’t an expensive place to visit, it’s still vital to plan and have enough money on hand to cover travel, supper, and other expenditures.


In summary, the valley of roses in Morocco, which was started by French settlers in 1930, is now a distinctive and beautiful location that gives tourists a chance to fully experience Moroccan culture and the natural world. 

Beautiful rose gardens, amazing scenery, and charming towns and villages can all be found in the valley. As a tourist, you have the choice of camping or lodging in a hotel. Travelers should prioritize their health and safety, respect local customs and etiquette, and plan their finances wisely when abroad. 

The rose valley is sure to deliver a fantastic experience, whether you’re hiking the trails, going to the yearly rose festival, or just taking in the scenery.