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6 Expert Tips For Female Solo Travelers

Before you doubt too much, solo traveling can be a lot of fun because being on the road alone can turn you into a more confident person who will see things from a different perspective.

It would help you find your purpose independently and struggle to cope with any setback on your way, giving rise to a stronger person!

As a woman, the difference in our gender allows us to behave and confront crises in a contrary manner, and it is why you must be aware of specific steps to take before going on a trip because, just like most things in life, there are crucial procedures that we must take before handling any questionable situation.

Here are a few tips for female solo travelers: 

6 Expert Advice for Women Exploring the World Solo

1. Choose Your Destination CAREFULLY

A mini airplane placed on a world map
Source | Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The importance of over-planning your journey cannot be underrated because choosing where you are heading is involved. You must research your destination to know the rules, security rate, and other tourist sites (if you don’t want to miss out on the fun stuff).

It would help if you also had a good enough reason to travel to your destination so you’d enjoy your travel experience twice as much!

2. Resist The URGE To Overpack

A lady packing her belongings and arranging them perfectly in a travelling suit case with clothes, sneakers, gowns etc
Source | Pexels | Vlada Karpovich

There’s always the urge to keep shoving almost everything we see in the room right straight into the bag. In moments like this, it would seem like everything is essential, but it’s not.

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Once you’ve studied your destination, you’d find it easier to pack the proper clothes and shoes.

You must resist overpacking your luggage, especially if you plan on strolling around or hiking often.

3. Blend In With The Locals

Two locals sitting outside a shop drinking and smoking
Source | Pexels | Tom Fisk

This is one of the most practical pieces of advice anyone can give you. You must go out there and try to be as open-minded as possible.


Don’t isolate yourself because one of the main reasons why we travel is to make new friends.

When you talk to the locals and mix with them, you might be fortunate enough to get tips from them that will let you know places to avoid and the cheapest places to eat.

4. Be Cautious At Night

A lady walking alone in a quiet neighbourhood at night.
Source | Pexels | Rene Asmussen

As a female solo traveler, you must avoid walking alone at night. It would help if you opt for a taxi or any public transportation, or better still, make friends with other female travelers during the day so you’d safely go as a group at night to have dinner at a restaurant or visit the bar.

5. Stay In Contact with Loved Ones

A beautiful lady on a call while operating her laptop placed on her legs.
Source | Pexels | Ivan Babydov

Regardless of being a male or female solo traveler, you must always stay in contact with your friends and family.

Before embarking on a journey, you need to send copies of your travel documents and information to them because this is a way to ensure that they know exactly where you are and would be ready to help you whenever you are in an urgent situation.

6. Keep The Key In The Lock

A door with a huge padlock
Source | Pexels | Sergij

This is an old security trick. No one will be able to open your door when you leave your keys on the other end. This will help to make sure that if there’s anyone with the keys or not, they will not be able to gain entrance to the room without your permission.

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When you also hear someone trying to unlock the door unexpectedly, you will have enough time to call for help or alert the emergency contacts.

It’s okay to think that solo travel can be terrifying, mainly because you are a woman, and taking a considerable risk of traveling across the globe alone is just a no-no.


But you must know that there is nothing to get scared about once you follow the above tips and any advice you get from a fellow female solo traveler who has had experiences in the places you are heading.

Don’t allow your fears to stop you from living your best life. Get those bags ready and live the moment!

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