Best Pets To Travel With According To Experts

Whether you are traveling far away for a full-time vacation or you are just visiting the neighboring cities and states to enjoy a slight change of environment, it is important that you have a travel companion. While traveling alone has its own heavy benefits, traveling with company is on another level. 

If you are lucky and you already have a romantic partner, then you have no worries. But if you, like me, always tend to be traveling alone, then it is time to look into a travel companion that is going to change your travel life —and yes, I am talking about the best pets to travel with. 


Pets make some of the best companions in life, and they also make for the best travel companions, especially because they are always eager and ready to travel with you, which you can’t always say for even your romantic partner. And while all pets are great companions, there are pets that travel well and pets that don’t.

Let’s take a good look at the best pets to travel with and say goodbye to the era of lonely traveling. 

Best Pets To Travel With According To Experts 

Dogs: The Adventurous Travel Buddies

Best pets to travel with
Credit: David Taffet -Unsplash

Dogs are some of the most and most preferred pets in the world. With it being known as “Man’s best friend,” it is expected that it also makes the list of the best pets to travel with. If for no other reason, a dog’s adaptability and love for exploration make it the perfect travel buddy. 


Dogs are the best pets for travelers who love to go on adventures. If you are a nature enthusiast and are always looking for the next tranquil trail to hike, then a dog is one of the best pets to travel with. They are friendly, outgoing, and free-spirited, making them top pets that travel well.

Dogs are the most adventurous animals, and they love to play. From hiking to climbing to walking and running, they can join you in all your thrilling adventures, ensuring you never get bored. In fact, it is safer to hike an unfamiliar trail with a dog than alone.

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If you own a Labrador, then you are lucky. Research carried out by 22 canine experts put them as the most car-compatible dog breed, so you have little to worry about. If you don’t, just make sure the dog travels on an empty stomach to avoid car sickness, and use either a crate or a dog car seat. \

To ensure the health and safety of your furry friend, you should take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup before traveling, especially if it is going to be a long trip —and even if it is not. Also, health certifications are required for airline travel. 

Be sure to pack enough of their regular food, including bottled water and any medication they are on or may need. 

Due to the requirements of dogs entering some countries, dogs are not the best pet for international 

travel. But if you plan to do so anyway, be sure to review the requirements before heading out, and not just of the country you are going to but also the country you are flying from. Some countries don’t let dogs in when returning from certain high-risk countries. 

Cats: Surprising Travel Companions

cats in a box on the grass
Credit: Jari Hytönen -Unsplash

If dogs have any contenders, then it would be cats. In fact, cat owners would tell you that cats are more friendly than dogs, and you may have to agree with them to avoid a lengthy argument. While it can’t be certain which of the animals is better, cats are one of the best pets to travel with. 

In fact, Patrik Holmboe, the head veterinarian for Cooper Pet Care, said in an interview that cats would be much easier to manage than dogs if you travel a lot. While I’m not keeping score, that feels like a 1 for cats and a 0 for dogs. Cats are naturally independent, and while they may not be as adventure-seeking as dogs, they also make for the best pets to travel with. 

According to Jessica Brooks, a veterinarian and animal travel expert, cats don’t travel well to and from places, so they prefer short plane flights to long drives. If you are going somewhere that would require a long drive, you should make sure to invest in a very comfortable crate for your companion to keep them at ease. 


A great way to make your cat one of the best pets to travel with is by preparing them for travel from a young age. Experts suggest gradually acclimating your cats to travel carriers and taking short practice trips to familiarize them with the experience.

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When traveling with a cat, creating a secure and comfortable space for them during the journey is important. Cats also like consistency, so it may help reduce their anxiety if you keep feeding them with the same feeding bowls and litterbox when you change location. 

Bringing familiar scents and objects also helps to make the cats feel at ease on the journey. You can bring a blanket or bed the cat is used to. Also, when traveling to places that might be disorienting for your cat, it is better to leave the car indoors. You may also want to consider obtaining a sedative from your veterinarian.

Birds: Feathered Friends on the Go

colourful birds perched on a tree branch
Credit: David Clode -Unsplash

Birds are the easiest pets to travel with –even easier than cats– and they might also be the best pets for international travel. Most birds tolerate cars and airplanes very well, and they give you the comfort of having a small companion that is easy to carry while giving you all the love you can get.

While birds might not be the go-to option for everyone, for those with a penchant for avian companionship, birds like parakeets, cockatiels, or small parrots can be some of the best pets to travel with. These birds are compact, easy to transport, and adapt well to new environments. 

Of course, birds are to remain in their cage during travel. It is unsafe to have your bird roaming freely in the car. Experts advice that you use a bird carrier that contains perches and food cups to ensure a pleasant road trip. The carriers should be secure with a car seat to prevent them from titling during the trip. 

If you have not traveled with your birds before, then it is recommended that you do some practice runs in the car. You can also take them on short trips to help them get used to the motion. 

Also, as much as birds are pets that travel well, you should ensure to create a safe and comfortable space for them during travels. Make sure the care is set to an appropriate temperature for the bird, 


You should ensure that you pack the essentials like their familiar food, water, and any medication that they may need. You might also want to consider giving your bird anti-stress supplements. It is important to check up on your bird often during the trip. 

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Other Considerations for Choosing the Best Travel Pet

a human man and a dog in a hug
Credit: Eric Ward -Unsplash

Of course, when choosing the best pets to travel with, there are other factors to consider. While cuteness and the ability to sit through a car ride are often the first to come to mind, there are other important considerations worthy of note. 

Allergies and health conditions are important factors that may limit your options. This is not just about your allergies but about the allergies of the animals too. It may even be more specific to the particular breed that you own, so it’s important to consult with a veterinarian beforehand. Let your vet know where you are going and get the okay from them. 

Apart from the health of your pet, Travel restrictions and regulations are things to consider too. They can vary depending on your destination, so thorough research is necessary. You have to be certain that your pet will be allowed to and from your destination. 

Also, Identifying pet-friendly accommodations and destinations is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Make sure the places you’re going clearly state pet friendliness, and make sure the activities you plan t do are things you and your pet will enjoy. 

Lastly, the importance of training and socialization cannot be overlooked. Well-behaved pets are more likely to enjoy travel adventures to the fullest. If you don’t train your pet well, don’t expect them to magically turn into the best pet to travel with overnight. If you must travel with a pet, then you must put in the work. 

krista mangulsone 9gz3wfHr65U unsplash
Credit: Krista Mangulsone -Unsplash

Whether you go with a dog, a cat, a bird, or a strange combination of all three, traveling with a pet allows you to have the best of both worlds. In a sense, you are traveling alone as you get the only final say on where to go and the activities to do. But you also have a companion to enjoy the moments with you. 

And even though they can’t speak, they have their way of letting you know they’re having a good time as well.

Other pets that travel well are snakes, fish, and spiders. They may not be the most common pets, but they are great companions that won’t give you a headache while roaming the world.  And if you have picked your pet, head on to the Tourist Lookup website to find the perfect destination for you.