Belize vs. Cancun: Which Destination is Right for You?

With both cities flaunting the most peaceful and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, and each of them radiating a perfect mix of modern luxury spiced with tasty bits of local culture, you just have to wonder, “Which is better in Cancun or Belize? ”. 

Of course, like with most comparisons, there is no “one-size-fits-all answer.” It wouldn’t be fair to certain travelers if either of these fantastic places turned out the “loser”. The real question here is which is better for you and your traveling needs. 


Right off the bat, you have to know that  Belize is a country, while Cancun is a city, and of course, that plays a big role in the battle of Belize vs. Cancun. 

And while you might think it’s going to be a flawless victory comparing a country with a city, Cancun is not just any city. That much is evident when you see how it fares in the battle of Cancun vs. Hawaii. Cancun is the city of cities and the heart of Mexico.

From its stunning beaches to its crystal-clear turquoise waters to the wonders of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef to the ancient Mayan ruins like Tulum and Chichen Itza, you’d be silly to write Cancun off as “just a city”

But as you’d expect, Belize, a country in Central America, has many amazing cities like Cancun. Some of them feature breathtaking landscapes, and others are fancied for their pristine Caribbean coastline. As you might have guessed, it also features ancient Mayan ruins, like the mystical Xunantunich and majestic Tikal.


So the battle rages on, and drawing out a clear winner can’t be decided wantonly. It could still go either way in the Belize vs. Cancun fight. But to make it better suited to your tastes, we’re going to compare them over various categories. 

So strap on your thinking caps, get seated on your dreaming chair, and let’s explore the fight of the century, Belize vs. Cancun, which is better for you!

 Belize vs. Cancun: Which Destination is Right for You?

1. Geography and Climate

Ocean and a Palm tree on shore
Source: Nattu Adnan -Unsplash

The first thing to consider when debating which is better in Cancun or Belize is their geography and climate. Since you’re actually planning a trip and not just looking for cool wallpapers, you have to consider how the weather and the landscape will affect your stay and movement. 

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Belize enjoys a tropical climate with its wet season, awash in increased rainfall, starting around June and running till November, leaving the dry season of the warm, relaxing Sun to run from December to May. Its diverse geography features coastal plains, mountains, and lush rainforests, perfect for nature enthusiasts. 

Cancun, on the other hand, rocks warm and passionate temperatures throughout the year. It gets a little wet from May to October, but it still has a generally warm climate. Its geography is defined by its stunning coastline, powdery white-sand beaches, and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

So if you’re a sun-seeking tourist with wild intentions of enjoying various water sports and seaside activities, then you may consider Cancun to be the better option. If you’re more into the mountains and the forests and you seek oneness with nature and sound, then you’ve got one point down for Belize. 

But since this category is very subjective, we’ll leave the scoreboard reading zeros. 

Belize vs. Cancun 0:0

2. Tourism and Attractions 

Xcaret Park in Cancun.

This is where things get a little interesting because we can readily crown Cancun as the clear winner.


Cancun has under its belt an array of attractions that captivate visitors from around the world. Starting with its spotless natural beaches with the softest white sands your feet have ever felt, and moving to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which practically screams at you to explore its vibrant coral gardens. 

If that were all, though, Belize would still be a strong contender, considering that you can also explore a section of the Mesoamerican Berrier Reef from Belize. 

But Cancun becomes the clear winner when you add the mesmerizing Tulun ruins and Xcaret Park. The Xcaret Park alone has a view that is breathtaking. It looks and feels like you’re in a magical land that would give Alice’s Wonderland a run for its money. 

Of course, Belize is no letdown. From exploring the Mayan Temple to exploring the Mayan ruins of Tikal to snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Coral Garden Shark, Belize packs a very neat tourism experience. But since it’s a competition, Cancun adds way more fun and spice to its own. 

Belize vs. Cancun 0:1

3 Culture and History 

People playing drums and dancing on the sand

Both Belize and Cancum have quite the fascinating culture and history, and from the previous categories, you can probably guess that they have some traces to the historic Mayan civilization. 

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Belize is renowned for its extensive Mayan ruins, including Xunantunich, Caracol, and Lamanai, which offer a very immersive glimpse into this ancient civilization. Asides that, Belize is home to the Garifuna people as well as the Mestizo people. Both communities showcase the country’s obvious cultural diversity, celebrated through various traditional music, dance, and mouthwatering cuisine. 

On the other hand, Cancun’s proximity to ancient Mayan sites like Tulum and Chichen Itza allows visitors to delve into the architectural wonders of the ancient civilization. Since it is in Mexico, you also get to enjoy a load of Mexican culture.  


However, since it has more cultural diversity and less-known but equally remarkable Mayan ruins, Belize provides a more intimate and less crowded experience for history and culture enthusiasts. 

Belize vs. Cancun 1:1

4 Cuisine and Local Delicacies 

People in a restaurant on a table sharing a meal

If you are a foodie like me, I can tell you right away that you’d want to visit both of these places. Yes, I’m saying that when it comes to food, you definitely can’t easily tell which is better in Cancun or Belize.

While Cancun has Restaurante Qua, Belize has Celebrity Restaurant. And if you think that the Belizean Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken served at the Birds Isle Restaurant is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, then trying the Thermidor Supreme Lobster dish at Fred’s in Cancun City will change your mind. 

From Divina Carne to Nicoletta to Umami –all in Cancun– to Marthas Cafe to Riverside Tavern to Chon Saan Palace –all in Belize city– you have too many delicacies to choose from. You can explore either place for the food alone and experience food intimacy you never thought possible.

So as much as I hate giving a tie, in the cuisine round of Belize vs. Cancun, they both get a point. 

Belize vs. Cancun 2:2


5. Accommodation and Hospitality

belize vs. cancun

Most of Belize’s accommodations reflect the country’s natural beauty and eco-conscious approach. From luxury beachfront resorts to cozy eco-lodges sheltered within the rainforest (Ambergris Caye and Placencia come to mind), you are bound to have an amazing experience. 

You also have your pick of Boutique hotels like Hopkins Bay, Muy’Ono Resort, or Seiri Del Mar for a more intimate experience and a chance to interact with the local community. 

Cancun City, on the other hand, is famous for its world-class resorts and all-inclusive hotels. From The Ritz-Carlton to the famous Le Blanc Spa Resort, you get some of the finest accommodations in the world. 

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Cancun’s hospitality is known for its attentiveness and professionalism the way any great tourist attraction would have, but Belize stands out with its authentic and intimate options. The smaller-scale lodgings allow for more personalized attention and a deeper connection with the local culture.

Belize vs. Cancun 3:2

6. Which is Cheaper? 

Picture of various currency
Source: Jason Leung -Unsplash

After all is said, you’ve got to consider your pockets. And with the verdict slightly tilting towards Belize, we just have to ask: Is Belize cheaper than Cancun?

The straightforward answer is no. While the difference is not much, the cost of touring Belize is slightly higher than that of Cancun.

Though rent and restaurant prices are a bit higher in Cancun City, consumer prices are lower, making it a more budget-friendly option for daily expenses. Transportation in Belize is also more expensive than in Cancun, so taking it altogether, Cancun is cheaper, balancing the scores once more. 

Belize vs. Cancun 3:3

7. Which is Safer 

A street in cancun city

A vacation is only as enjoyable as it is safe. Some of the most beautiful places in the world lose many tourist points because of how unsafe it gets, either at certain periods or in certain locations. Of course, you have to practice travel safety wherever you go, but it helps to be in a safe place. 

And since Belize and Cancun are currently tied, our last chance at finding the winner is in the answer to the question, is Belize safer than Cancun?

While I want to give you a straightforward Yes or No, it is a little difficult. As far as general safety is concerned, both places are very safe to visit. Cancun has a very low crime rate, with whatever crime that happens occurring far away from the tourist zones. 

However, Belize is indeed safer than Cancun. Since it is largely dependent on tourism, there are stricter safety measures in place. But again, this point only goes to Belize because we have to compare. Both places are very safe, and you’re in good hands, whichever you choose. 

Belize vs. Cancun 4:3 


Frankly, Belize and Cancum are two very different places. While the former provides a calm and nature-filled environment, the latter is bustling with excitement and people. 

Like I’ll always advise, if you have the time and money to visit both places, then by all means, indulge in the adventure of a lifetime; you won’t regret it. But if you have to make the hard decision, this post should have made it a little easier for you.