Unlike a winter trip, Summertime is all about travelling with a lightweight bag, feeling relaxed and staying fresh at all times, which is one of the reasons why we mostly look forward to it.

If you’re excited to cool off in the ocean and dig your toes into some beach sand, then you must know that just a little planning is vital to having a remarkable summer adventure at sea.

Imagine how annoying it is to realize that you’ve forgotten your sunscreen at home (which could be a hundred kilometers away). Hence, we’ve made a list of some of the 10 summer adventure essentials for the sea.

10 Summer Adventure Essentials for the Sea

1. BEACH TOTE BAG: Make the most of your summer without having to worry about a change of clothes when they are all in the bag! Get a trendy tote bag with large enough room to put in your beach essentials and a zip to keep them safe. 

Summer essential for the sea

2. SUN-PROTECTING SWIMWEAR: Make sure you get sun-protecting swimwear to double up your sun protection if you want to block the ultraviolet rays from piercing through the fabric and extending to your skin. 

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3. SUN-PROTECTING HAT: Always carry a hat to the beach to protect your face from the glints of the sun. It could be a wide-brimmed straw hat or a fashionable floppy hat that would make you look good in those beach pictures. 

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4. SUNSCREEN: This is an essential item everyone should have before going on a summer adventure. Ensure you stock up and apply solid sun blocks that absorb quickly and save you from sunburns.

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5. BEACH TENT: Beach tents are also crucial for visits to the sea because every once in a while, you might need a deserved break from the sun. A heavy pop-up tent can serve as an extra shade from the sun. 

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6. SUNGLASSES: Make sure you protect your eyes by putting on mirrored sunglasses with durable frames. It would be best to get the latest and trendy sunglasses to stand out and look incredible.

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7. WATER BOTTLES: Getting a water bottle should be a top beach essential to take with you no matter where you plan on going because you can use it to store your cold water or a healthy drink to stay hydrated all day.

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8. SANDALS: If you plan on taking lazy strolls by the seaside, you must wear durable flip-flop sandals with good grip and support for walking on the sand and uneven grounds. 

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9. SOLAR POWER BANK: If you plan on staying by the ocean for an extended period, grab a personal solar power bank. It is a must-have essential because no matter where you are, your gadgets will be ready to charge in any unexpected situation. 

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10. QUICK-DRYING TOWELS: Always remember to carry a lightweight and quick-drying towel if you plan on hopping on the water to have a good swim. A beach towel or blanket is an excellent investment for a summer vacation at the beach.

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