10 Safest Bus Charter Companies in The World

Transportation is the key to commerce. It is the foundation upon which any country’s economic activities are founded.

Transportation is the key to commerce. It is the foundation upon which any country’s economic activities are founded. There are several means of transporting goods within our society, with each form of transportation corresponding to the demands of the goods to be transported.

For instance, it is safer to transport crude oil via ocean liners than to use an airplane. The same thing applies to us humans. We rely heavily on these means of transportation for several of our activities. One such activity is traveling.


One of the essential rules in planning for a journey is security. Therefore, it is not surprising when people look for referrals before engaging with a particular form of transportation.

Take, for instance, performing troupes who travel around and outside the country. As a result of the demands of their jobs, they often have to charter flights or a bus.

Likewise, if your office is planning an interstate retreat, hiring a bus might not only prove to be economical, but it could also be a bonding session for the team. To charter a bus, here are some of the safest bus charter companies in the world and what to look out for when leasing one.

1. Coach America

White Coach America, USA Bus
Source | coachusa.com

As a full-service charter bus company, Coach America provides a range of vehicles within the United States of America. In addition to passenger vans and motor coaches, they offer various other cars.

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According to their vision, they are focused on providing flexible transportation solutions for the needs of their users.  

2. Kler Transport

Kler Transport. A man on the left thinking and two persons, male and female on the right.
Source | Kler Transport

Kler Transport has been in business for many years to provide customers worldwide with high-quality transport services. According to reviews, they are a reputable transport service company based in Singapore with over ten years of experience.

Whether you are looking for a 6-seater minibus, a 13-seater minibus, a 23-seater coach, or a 45-seater coach, they have a variety of vehicles that will meet your needs.

To make your journey as comfortable and safe as possible, they offer a diverse set of experienced and friendly drivers whether you need assistance at the airport, transport to your destination, or anything else you may need.

3. La Coach Inc

A white La Coach Inc Bus
Source | lacoachusa.com

Located in Los Angeles, LA Coach provides transportation services. Groups traveling to popular Western destinations provide sprinter vans and charter buses.  

4. Blazing Star Conveyance

Black Blazing Star Conveyance vehicles
Source | blazingstarconveyance.com

The company offers lease services to interested users within the United States.

5. Reindeer Shuttle

A long Reindeer Shuttle Bus painted white, red and black
Source | purdueexponent.org

They are an airport shuttle and charter bus service based in West Lafayette that connects people between Chicago, Purdue, and Indianapolis.

 6. Irro Bus Charter

An Irro Bus Charter Bus painted white
Source | irro-charter.com

The company is a charter company offering Bus charter services to all European cities.  With Irro Charter, you can hire a bus with a European driver or let them plan a bus charter tour that meets your requirements.

The family-owned and operated company has provided Long-Distance Coaches, Midi-Buses, or Mini-Buses since 1972. The politeness and professionalism of their drivers and the drivers of bus partners are always at your service, leading you to a safe and enjoyable excursion.

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7. Elbobus Trailways

An Elbobus Trailways Bus
Source | flickr.com

As a charter company, they pride themselves on being able to provide transportation services across Europe. They offer private bus charters to cater to travelers’ needs while providing trip-planning services to those who require them.

8. AALI Transport And Bus Rental Dubai

AALI transport and Bus Rental Dubai
Source | hidubai.com

When planning a trip to Dubai and needing a bus charter for your group, AALI transport is your go-to stop. With charter options, a bus daily or weekly, the company is located in the center of Dubai and is only 15 minutes away from the airport.

They also provide charter services on coaches, from average to luxurious ones. Their services are also insured therefore covering any mishap or accident during a ride.

9. Smart Transport Services

A red and white Smart Transport Services Bus
Source | khaleejtimes.com

With operational quarters in Dubai and the United States, this charter service company offers the friendliest prices to groups and individuals seeking to charter a bus for leisure or business purposes.

10. Greyhound

Source | britannica.com

This company has been operational since 1984, offering its expertise to tourists and travelers looking to travel the length and breadth of South Africa. Their luxury coaches (the Dreamliner) line is built to 5-star specifications for users’ comfort. 

When searching for a leasing company, things to take into cognizance are:

  1. Reviews: They prepare you for what you should expect when you decide to lease one of their vehicles. It also gives more insights into how credible the company is.
  2. Location: Before leasing that vehicle, ensure that the company is proximal to your destination or has no problem with long-distance journeys with a leased vehicle. This would save you from a situation where a report is filed with the police that you intended to steal their car.
  3. Discuss terms: Ensure that you understand the terms of the agreement you are required to sign before putting pen to paper. This is essential as what you signed can be used against you in a dispute.
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