10 Best Things To Do In Settle, Yorkshire

In this blog article, we'll outline the top 10 things to do in Settle, from the city's stunning architecture to walking in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Settle’s lovely town is in the scenic county of Yorkshire, England. Settle is a must-visit location for every visitor or tourist seeking a genuine English experience because of its charming stone buildings, breathtaking scenery, and hospitable residents.

Looking for suggestions for things to do in Settle, Yorkshire while planning your trip? Look no further!


In this blog article, we’ll outline the top 10 things to do in Settle, from the city’s stunning architecture to walking in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Settle has plenty to offer everyone, whether you enjoy the outdoors, are interested in history, or are just seeking a relaxed holiday. 

You’ll be prepared to start organizing your ideal trip to Settle once you have a clear understanding of the top attractions and experiences to take part in this charming town after reading this blog post. 

Let’s start with the top 10 things to see in Settle, Yorkshire immediately!


10 Fun Things to do In Settle, Yorkshire

1. Go for a stroll along the renowned Settle-Carlisle Railway

Things To Do In Settle

Walking over the historic Settle-Carlisle Railway is a treat, that is worth a visit if you are nearby, we tell you!

It is located in the quaint English town of Settle in Yorkshire.

Take a train to Settle and then catch a train on the Settle-Carlisle line from there. Alternatively, you might decide to travel by car to Settle and park nearby.

Now, let us explain what makes this railway special. 

The views are breathtaking! You’ll pass through lovely towns, lush farmland, and rolling hills as you travel. Much more impressive is the Ribblehead Viaduct, which is traversed by the railroad.

Be sure to bring cozy shoes and proper attire if you plan to come. It may be chilly up there, so it’s important to wear a thick jacket and a hat. Bring a camera or a smartphone so you can capture all the magnificent views.

In terms of recommendations, we advise buying your tickets in advance because the train may become quite crowded. 

If you want a unique experience, why not take one of the steam train excursions offered by the railway? It’s an incomparable way to take in the stunning view.

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2. Explore the stunning natural scenery of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which is right on your doorstep

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Settle, Yorkshire’s closeness to the breathtaking natural environment of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of its outstanding features.


Anyone who likes nature and the great outdoors ought to visit this park right outside your front door. 

The park offers a diverse range of landscapes with rolling hills, lush valleys, and rugged moorland and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. 

You can drive there quickly or even board a local bus to get there.

As soon as you arrive, you may use the park’s walking trails to explore it while taking in the breathtaking beauty and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. 

Bring good shoes, a camera, and some cash to make the most of your stay.

3. Visit the neighboring Ingleton Waterfalls Trail to witness some of the region’s most breathtaking waterfalls

 Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in Settle

We’d like to tell you about the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail!

Visit this wonderful site close to Settle, Yorkshire, UK, if you appreciate the outdoors.

You may anticipate breathtaking views as the track is situated in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales National Park.


You can drive there if you have a car; otherwise, you can take the train. The public can use the trailhead, which is conveniently located adjacent to the neighborhood.

Once there, you’ll enjoy a four-mile tour that takes you past some of the area’s most stunning waterfalls.

The road is well-maintained and marked, so users of all ages and fitness levels may readily enjoy it.

The quiet sensation produced by the sound of the gushing streams is unparalleled, and the waterfalls are a sight to behold.

As it slithers through the forest, across rivers, through tunnels, and over bridges, the path offers a variety of chances for picturesque observation. After such an experience, you’ll question if you’re awake.

If you’re going on a tour, our advice is to bring your hiking boots, a camera, and a water bottle.


It’s important to wear the right footwear because the ground may get a little slippery. 

Packing lunch and some snacks for the trip is also a good idea. finally, remember to take it slow and soak in the scenery.

4. Visit the Settle Market to find local produce, crafts, and other unique items

Yorkshire Market
Source: Coach Tours Uk

Ah, the Settle Market in Yorkshire, UK, is such a treasure!

It is a thriving center for fresh local goods, handmade crafts, and one-of-a-kind goods that are incomparable to anything else. 

This is unquestionably a must-visit location if you appreciate eating out or looking at homemade items.

The market is conveniently placed in the center of Settle and is reachable by train or automobile. Tuesdays are market days; you can anticipate a lively atmosphere with amiable sellers and shoppers.

Here, you may purchase a variety of goods, including homemade jewelry and artwork, as well as fresh local fruit.

The chance to interact with the neighborhood is one of my favorite aspects of the Settle Market. 

Farmers, artisans, and other proprietors of small businesses are sharing their expertise and passion. 


It’s a great place to find a unique gift or souvenir while supporting neighborhood businesses.

If you’re thinking about going, we suggest packing some cash and a reusable bag to carry your purchases because many vendors might not accept credit cards. 

To avoid crowds and have more time to browse, arriving early is worthwhile. 

Additionally, don’t be shy about talking to the vendors; they’re frequently willing to share their anecdotes and insider knowledge about the neighborhood.

5. Enjoy a pint of locally brewed ale at one of Settle’s traditional pubs, like the Lion or the Talbot Arms

The Lion and Talbot Arms in Settle
Credit: What Hub

Oh, Settle! What a sweet small village tucked away in Yorkshire. 

You’re in for a treat if you enjoy a decent, old-fashioned pint of ale. Traditional pubs like The Lion and Talbot Arms have welcomed residents and tourists with open arms for ages. They are both situated conveniently at the center of Settle.

With a fireplace to keep you warm on winter nights, The Lion boasts a warm and inviting ambiance. 

It is popular for offering a variety of locally made ales with some strange and unique tastes. 

The Talbot Arms, on the other hand, has a traditional bar and plenty of seating, giving off a more traditional pub vibe.

The ale, though, is the true star of both bars. You’ll have a lot of options when choosing a pint in Settle because the city is home to multiple breweries. 

If you’re hungry, both pubs provide delectable pub fares, such as traditional fish & chips and substantial stews.

As for advice, make sure to enjoy your drink slowly and thoroughly. Strike up a conversation with a local to learn more about the pubs’ past and the town because they are welcoming and always happy to chat. 

And if you go in the summer, try to get a table outside so you can take in the beautiful Yorkshire weather.

6. Discover the town’s rich history at the Museum of North Craven Life, which showcases the area’s unique heritage

Museum of North Craven
Source: To Do- Museum

Well, the Museum of North Craven Life is really a treasure for those who are interested in history! 

It may be easily found and reached on foot or by automobile because it is situated in the town center. 

Once inside, you’ll find a wealth of displays that highlight the region’s distinct history. 

There is a lot to discover, including the town’s past as a thriving market town and its involvement in the wool trade.

The museum’s holdings, ranging from antiques and pictures to clothes and furniture, offer a fascinating look into daily life in North Craven. 

Ask inquiries and pick the staff’s brains as much as you can about the local history since they are highly knowledgeable and passionate about it.

Regarding advice, we suggest allowing lots of time to tour the museum. Plan to spend at least a few hours there because there is so much to see and learn. 

Kids will enjoy the interactive displays that bring history to life if you take them.

7. Take a hike up to the top of Castleberg Crag, which offers panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside

Castleberg Crag
Source: the journal of antiquities

Hiking up Castleberg Crag is an activity you should not miss if you’re ready for some exercise and beautiful sights while in Settle. 

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The route is clearly defined and easy to follow, and the crag is only a short trek from the town center. 

You’ll be greeted with expansive views of the town and the surrounding countryside as you go up the rocky trail.

Take time to regain your breath and enjoy the view after you’ve reached the summit. 

You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment! And if you’re lucky enough to be there when dusk comes, you’ll witness an incredible display of colors.

We recommend you carry plenty of water and food and sturdy shoes. despite being a short trek, there may be some steep sections, so wear appropriate footwear.

Also, bring your camera—you’ll want to record the breathtaking vistas!

8. Discover the charming town of Stainforth and the lovely Stainforth Force waterfall

Source: Andrew Walks

Ah, Stainforth is so charming!

A short distance from Settle, this picturesque hamlet is home to Stainforth Force, one of the region’s most beautiful waterfalls. 

Just follow the directions from the town center to get there, and you’ll soon be surrounded by stunning beauty.

Water cascades over the rocks and into the river below, creating a magnificent spectacle at the waterfall. It’s the ideal location for a peaceful moment of thought or a picnic. 

Furthermore, be sure to tour the town of Stainforth while you’re there. There are charming houses, a beautiful church, and even a few pubs.

Wearing comfortable shoes is advised because several inclining stairs and walkways lead to the waterfall. 

And don’t forget to pack your camera—the view begs to be captured on camera! 

9. Visit Malham Cove in the area to witness a gorgeous limestone cliff and a lovely waterfall

Malham Cove in Settle.
Source: Malham

Without going on a trip to the adjacent Malham Cove, you must visit Settle. You may park at the adjacent community of Malham and then take a short walk to the cove, which is only a short drive from Settle.

The limestone cliff’s sheer grandeur and beauty will astound you when you get there. 

Even if you’re not feeling quite so daring, the view from the summit makes the trek worthwhile, even though it’s a popular place for rock climbers. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to take a little stroll to Janet’s Foss waterfall, which is close by.

Wearing sturdy shoes is advised because the ascent to the top of the cove can occasionally be rather steep. 

There isn’t much cover on the climb up, so pack sunscreen and lots of water if you’re coming on a hot day.

10. See the magnificent Settle Victoria Hall, which offers a range of activities like musical performances, theatrical productions, and movie screenings

The Settle Victoria hall

The Settle Victoria Hall is just gorgeous! Look for the lovely structure with the great clock tower to discover this historic venue conveniently situated in Settle’s center.

A broad range of activities, including musical concerts, theatre shows, and even movie screenings, is held in the hall throughout the year. 

Check out the schedule when you’re in town since something is always happening.

The structure itself is beautiful, with a tasteful design and endearing details. It’s a genuine treasure of Settle’s past and present, and a trip there is highly recommended.

Regarding advice, we suggest purchasing tickets in advance for any events you want to attend because they sometimes sell out very fast. 

Furthermore, make sure to be there early so you may enjoy the gorgeous inside of the hall before the performance starts.


In this post, we have listed the best places to see in Settle and fun things to do in Settle. Everyone will find something to enjoy in this little town, from visiting the Settle Market and the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, exploring the breathtaking natural scenery of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, discovering the lovely Stainforth Force waterfall and the charming village of Stainforth, and exploring the impressive Settle Victoria Hall.

Settle truly offers something for everyone. So why are you still waiting? Come and discover this charming town’s distinctive offers.

We hope this list has motivated you to book your own trip to Settle so you may take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

So prepare for a memorable experience in one of England’s most stunning and intriguing locations by packing your luggage, grabbing your hiking boots, and setting off. 

We are eager to see you.


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