30 Amazing Places to Visit On Long Island, New York

Whether you're a beach bum, history buff, or art enthusiast, there are places to go in Long Island, New York, that'll make your heart sing.  Are you prepared to explore this rich paradise in depth? Let’s go!

Consider Long Island to be merely New York’s backyard. It’s a treasure trove of locations to see, after all. 

Numerous locations are waiting for you, from serene beaches to rich history. Curious about the best places to visit on Long Island? 


Discovering the Beauty of Long Island

So, what makes Long Island such a desirable location? 

  1. Imagine miles of golden beaches, eccentric small villages brimming with culture, and breathtaking scenery around every bend. 
  2. The variety of experiences is more important than just the picture-perfect locations! 
  3. Whether you’re a beach bum, history buff, or art enthusiast, there are places to go in Long Island, New York, that’ll make your heart sing. 

Are you prepared to explore this rich paradise in depth?

Let’s see what makes this list interesting!


How did we select the list of the top 30 places to go in Long Island, New York?

  1. Natural Beauty. We’re talking about locations in Long Island, New York, that will keep you always taking photos. 
  2. The destinations on this list of places to go in Long Island, New York, have cultural significance, those rich in history and legends from the past. 
  3. We also have the top tourist attractions and unique locations you must visit. 

Curious about places to go in Long Island at night? Not to worry; we also included a few of those.

Ready to delve deeper? Come with me!

1. Montauk Point Lighthouse

Places to Visit On Long Island, New YorkA white-painted lighthouse beside a lake with stones covered with green shrubs
Source: Singer Life

On your list of the best Long Island destinations, Montauk Point Lighthouse is the first place to go in Long Island, New York. 

Did you know that this lighthouse is in the state of New York?

A history lesson wrapped in sweeping ocean views, indeed. 

To top off your. adventure, you should also visit the neighboring beside the lighthouse.

2. North Fork

A long trail of trees and a car parked by the road side with yellow leaves on the ground.
Source: The ART

If you’re a wine lover, rejoice! North Fork is noted for its wineries. In lush surroundings, the North Fork’s vineyards provide enjoyable wine tours, making it one of the top places to go on Long Island at night.


The small-town markets are a great place to spend the day wine sampling and shopping for regional goods.

3. Fire Island

A fine hotel reservation with a blue-colored swimming pool and a few trees around the apartment
Source: Hotels

Fire Island beckons to those who love outdoor activities. From trekking in the Sunken Forest to spotting local wildlife, the outdoors in Fire Island calls in all its grandeur.

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Why should you visit Fire Island?

Fire Island offers peaceful beaches, no cars, and a unique island feel. It’s a top spot for those looking for places to visit in Long Island, New York, especially for outdoor fun.

4. Old Westbury Gardens 

A large building with red paint and green grasses

What is unique about Old Westbury Gardens? Well, you can step back in time with these traditional English-style gardens covering 200 acres. 

For family-friendly activities, there are themed garden tours are great for kids, while parents may relax amidst the lush vegetation and tranquil ponds.

5. Oyster Bay

The name of this bay is only some of it. Both colonial history and beautiful scenery are abundant in the region. 

As you might expect, oysters govern the area. Enjoy them fresh or eat in chic restaurants that serve delectable seafood platters.


6. Sag Harbor

An outer bay with trees and bucket flowers and a brick fence
Source: Habor Bays

Sag Harbor is a charming former whaling community combining traditional beauty and contemporary style. 

A sight to behold are the majestic marinas and antique homes. 

The Bay Street Theater and the Whaling & Historical Museum are two attractions you shouldn’t miss.

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7. Hampton, East  

Speaking of sparkle and glamour, The A-list and the artistic worlds collide in East Hampton. 


Visualize luxuriant surroundings laced with upscale shops.  

To experience the local culture, visit the Guild Hall to see an exhibition or a play and experience the neighborhood’s creative energy.

8. Shelter Island

A small hotel reserve surrounded by trees with a beach behind it
Source: Freepiq

Wondering why you should visit this place in Long Island, New York? A tranquil haven, Shelter Island is known for its laid-back appeal and is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and natural areas.

For outdoor adventures, explore the island’s waterways by renting a kayak or paddleboard or trek through the Mashomack Preserve to get close to nature.

9. Rockville, Maryland  

This community combines suburbia life and a touch of city glamor. Think of streets with trees next to hopping nightlife areas. 

For family-friendly activities, a trip to Fun Station USA promises delightful arcade experiences, while a day at Mill River showcases why Long Island is beloved for its family-friendly spots, complete with picnic areas and playgrounds.

10. Garden City

An open space with small houses filled with short shrubs trees and a beach.
Source: EXplore

Garden City, Long Island, is notable for some reasons. Garden City is a classy village with some noteworthy characteristics, including stunning mansions and lush parks. 

Looking for culinary delights? Here, you’re in for a treat! Be sure to sample regional specialties like the Garden City Bistro’s lobster roll or the traditional New York cheesecake at Seventh Street Café, which range from elegant restaurants to little cafés.

11. Stony Brook

Its tranquil surroundings and ancient village center give the town a bygone atmosphere.

The Stony Brook Grist Mill and the intriguing displays of the Long Island Museum are must-sees.

If you’re in Long Island, consider visiting this place before you checkout other great destinations.

12. Greenport Village

A white painted house with green flowers and grass mat on the entrance.

Greenport Village is known for its distinguishing characteristics, including its location on the North Fork, a nautical paradise brimming with dockside charm. 

As evening descends, a stroll down Front Street reveals the vibrant night scene with art galleries and live music performances, showcasing why it’s among the captivating places to explore in Long Island after sunset.

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13. Robert Moses State Park 

Robert Moses State Park is a popular destination among residents and is an oasis of sun, sand, and surf. It’s a great place to cool-off.

Besides relaxing on the five miles of beach, you may explore the nearby nature trails or go fishing at the piers.

14. Adventureland, Farmingdale  

The Adventureland with the amusement park series
Source: Adventureland

Is there an amusement park on Long Island? Of course! Since 1962, Adventureland has been winning over hearts. 

For family-friendly activities, there is a ride for every age group, from the Ferris wheel to little roller coasters. And the magic shows, too? Kids adore them to pieces!

15.  Massapequa 

Nestled in Long Island, New York, Massapequa is a testament to the region’s blend of peaceful suburbs and pristine nature. Lakes and parks amplify its beauty, making it a distinctive destination in the area. 

At Umberto’s, there are culinary delights to enjoy. Indulge in a slice of real Long Island pizza or have a sumptuous brunch at the Broadway Café. A culinary pleasure!

16. Bethpage State Park

A large open area for golf with green and yellow mashed grasses.
Source: The Area, the Golf

It’s a big area of green in the center of Long Island and a haven for golfers and nature lovers.

The world-famous Bethpage Black golf course is the area’s main draw.

Don’t play golf? Even more alluring are the trekking routes!

17. Patchogue Village

Patchogue Village’s downtown has been restored, fusing coastal beauty with urban characteristics.

The Patchogue Theatre presents various activities, including plays and concerts. Remember to check out the town’s thriving art scene while you’re there.

18. Captree State Park

A fine view of a long bridge over a sea during sunset, covered with dried grasses.
Source: Captree Sunset

Fans of fishing, this is your paradise! And what about those expansive ocean views? Complete joy.

Whether renting a boat to fish under the starry sky or enjoying a moonlit picnic amidst the scenic views, Captree State Park is a top destination for evening adventures in Long Island.

19. Vanderbilt Museum

A museum, a palace, and a planetarium? This location is a historical, abundant, and exploratory time capsule.

Family and friends are welcomed. Children will be enthralled by the planetarium displays and the historical tales told in the mansion.

20. Bellmore

Bellmore ash and white one-storey building surrounded by red trees and green flowers.
Source: Sarah the Tourist

There is always something going on here, thanks to the beautiful blending of entertainment and community spirit!

For a pleasant coffee experience, visit the Bellmore Bean Cafe. If you’re in the mood for a filling dinner, Moolala’s flavorful burgers are legendary.

21. Caumsett State Park 

Caumsett State Park is an attraction site. All these habitats, from salt marshes to woods, are on over 1,500 acres.

While horseback riding remains a favorite, the vast trails beckon visitors to bike or walk, highlighting it as a prime destination for nature enthusiasts in Long Island.

22. Garden City’s Cradle of Aviation Museum

An aviation Museum made with glass walls with a yellow plane hanging at the top

If you love aviation or might just be interested in seeing something new, visit Garden City’s Cradle of Aviation Museum to explore the aircraft industry and learn about the development of flying.

This is also a destination for families with aspiring astronauts because of its interactive exhibits, IMAX movies, and kid-friendly areas!

23. Sayville 

Sayville, the entrance to Fire Island, is packed with charming marinas and historic residences.

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The Sayville Farmers Market is a treat for foodies! You’ll want more local fare, like the lobster rolls at Claws, fresh fruit, and handcrafted crafts.

24. Hamptons 

A white luxury hotel with a fanciful pool outside and sit-outs surrounded by green grasses.
Source: The City

With its luxury and stunning beachfront, the Hamptons is where New York’s elite relax day and night. 

Its charm extends into the evening, making it one of the sought-after places to experience Long Island’s nightlife.

Beyond the celebrity residences, Coopers Beach and the Parrish Art Museum should not be missed.

25. Bayville

This seaside community provides the ideal balance of leisurely activities and coastal relaxation.

To get the most out of this area, local culture is something to experience. Partake in neighborhood celebrations during summer fairs and sample seafood treats at the crowded Bayville Seafood Festival.

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26. Huntington Village

The Huntington Village house with flowers, trees, and a USA flag on a lamp stand
Source: Huntington Village

Huntington Village is a bustling center loaded with arts, culture, and a dynamic food scene, all tucked along the harbor.

Key attractions include; the Heckscher Museum of Art and the Paramount Concert Theater, which are well-liked destinations in Huntington Village.

27. Port Washington

Port Washington is a waterfront jewel with marinas, parks, and a hint of the past. 

Local fantasies to explore include boat races, arts and crafts, and more, which are all part of the yearly HarborFest Dock Day celebration of nautical heritage.

Smith Point County Park is a well-liked coastal park with the broadest ocean-facing beach in the county.

28. Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery 

A fish pond Hatchery with three little girls looking at a tortoise.
Source: Fish Pond Hatch

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery is a great place to see aquatic amazement. The deep freshwater biology at this hatchery and aquarium combo makes it one of the enriching spots to visit in Long Island, New York.

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery is not just an educational hub for children, allowing them to engage with aquatic life and feed trout, but also a place where families can gain a deep appreciation for conservation efforts in the heart of Long Island.

29. Freeport’s Nautical Mile

Freeport’s Nautical Mile has many waterfront eateries, stores, and boutiques.

If you have the stomach, there are a lot of culinary delights. You could eat the freshest seafood at Bracco’s or enjoy an outside lunch at Otto’s Sea Grill with views of the marina.

30. Smith Point County Park

A country park with a small hut with chairs and a man standing in between the seats
Source: County Parks

Smith Point County Park is a well-liked coastal park featuring the county’s widest oceanfront beach.

There are lots of outdoor activities to explore here.

Besides tanning, you could go surfing, fishing, or attending a summer concert at the beach hut.

Tips for Exploring Long Island:

On your way to Long Island?

Great decision! Here are some useful facts:

  • Seasonal considerations: Spring and fall are ideal since they are neither too hot nor crowded. Want to spend some time at the beach? Summer is your friend. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Local Cuisine: Try the fresh oysters, lobster rolls, and a glass of the local wine. Your taste buds will appreciate it, I assure you.
  • Culture-Related Etiquette: A sincere smile can go a long way with Long Islanders. Remember to be patient and obey private property signs during those busy summer months.

That’s our Long Island whirlwind, my friend! A rich variety of sights, sounds, and tastes. 

It’s a piece of New York you won’t want to miss, with a serene shoreline and busy villages. 

Are you prepared to create some priceless memories? The top 30 are on Long Island. Get your bags ready, and then leave!


What is the nicest place in Long Island?

The Hamptons’ opulent atmosphere and immaculate beaches. But in all honesty, the island is dotted with beautiful places.

What is Long Island’s most well-known?

Long Island is known for its stunning coastline, delectable seafood, and recognizable Montauk Lighthouse come to mind.

Is there anything to do on Long Island?

Yes. Think of beautiful beaches, old lighthouses, winery excursions, and delicious seafood restaurants. 

How many towns are on Long Island?

Thirteen towns altogether are located in the two counties of Suffolk and Nassau. 


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