There are many breathtaking things to do in Saranda, with many nice places to visit and tasty seafood dishes to enjoy. Saranda has grown from a quiet fishing village into a flourishing city, a lively summer vacation location.

This article elaborates on things to do in Saranda and its environment. From the finest beaches in Saranda to historical sites, restaurants and nightlife, we have it all covered in this detailed post.


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Top 10 Places To Visit In Saranda, Albania

1. The Hasan Tahini Boulevard

The Hasan Tahini Boulevard
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One of the best things you should do in Saranda is take a walk on Hasan Tahini Boulevard. This attractive pedestrian seaside walkway rests on the north coast of the mini gulf of Saranda. The boulevard renders beach access, while other cafes and bars serve different snacks and drinks. There are also fun markets to tour in summer, which are unusual places to find gift items. 

2. The Ancient Synagogue Complex

 The Ancient Synagogue Complex
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In ancient times, a relatively big Jewish community called Saranda and southern Albania a dwelling places for different centuries. One of the exciting things to do in Saranda to tour this captivating heritage is the old Synagogue Complex close to the City Hall. This ancient complex dates from the 5th century and once contained a community centre, a school, and different religious buildings. After being demolished by an earthquake, the synagogue was reconstructed in the 6th century as a basilica.

3. The 40 Saints Monastery

The 40 Saints Monastery
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Believably, the best part of Saranda tourism is the 40 Saints Monastery. This 6th- century monastery is actually how the city got its name Saranda meaning  40 in Greek. Over the following centuries, it was altered extensively. However, the Monastery was constructed in honour of forty Roman martyrs who were banished because they wouldn’t renounce their Christian faith. Because of the tremendous war damage, the Monastery isn’t in a very excellent condition, but because of its historical significance and the magnificent sights of Saranda , it still deserves visiting. You can enter the surviving crypt if you take approval from Saranda’s city hall.


4. Lëkurësi Castle

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One of the best parts of Saranda Albania tourism is visiting the Lëkurësi castle. Unlike other Albanian cities, there isn’t a Saranda old town. Nonetheless, it does have an ancient castle! If you are interested in a hike, You can take a walk from Saranda center to Lëkurësi Castle; it takes around 45 minutes to reach the top of the Castle and about 45 minutes to get to the castle top. Sadly, the Castle has been turned into a restaurant, but it’s worth the trip because the sight of Saranda’s beaches is fantastic.

5. Butrint

national park to tour in things to do in Saranda
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This fantastic collection of ruins describes human history in the region better than anything else. It contains sites that date from the 4th century B.C. through 19th-century Ottoman fortifications. Its main claim to popularity is the old city of Butrint, located within the Park. In addition to this tremendous historical importance, Butrint National Park is also a place to see wildlife. It’s the only place in Albania where you can see Balkan wall lizards and tortoises. Wolves roam the hillsides while dolphins frolic in the waters.

6. Ali Pasha Castle

amazing castle in things to see in Saranda
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Ali Pasha Castle is concealed, and most visitors miss it when visiting the neighboring area of Butrint. The road is not in a good state and can only be accessible one car at a go, so if you’re not a good driver, you can park and stroll down. It’s just a 2km walk from the carpark. Ali Pasha castle is enclosed by water in the most attractive setting – this is listed as one of the most attractive places near Saranda, for sure! 


7. St. George Monastery

St. George Monastery
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Less famous than Saranda’s 40 Saints Monastery, the St. George Monastery is worth touring if you’re into architecture or history. Situated about midway between Ksamil and  Saranda , you can take a bus to Butrint—and alight at the road to the Monastery! Look for a sign saying “Manastiri I Shën Gjergjit” and walk up the hill.

8. Syri I Kalter – The Blue Eye

visit Thrilling fresh water spring in your list of things to do in Saranda
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One of Albania’s most famous tourist attractions, Syri I Kalter, is a popular freshwater spring about 22 kilometres inland from midtown Saranda. This beautiful natural phenomenon is remarkable because its crystal-clear blue water bubbles up from a spring at the base of a karst pool more than fifty meters deep  Known as the “Blue Eye” in English—its bright blue water and round shape make it look like a colossal iris—this is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic Saranda tourism attractions and an excellent place to visit with kids.

9. Gjirokaster

Amazing Gjirokaster in top things to do in Saranda
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Choosing one of the different Saranda hotels as a camp to tour southern Albania is a clever idea. There are so many thrilling day trips in the region. One of the best is driving to Gjirokaster, which by the way, takes you right by the Blue Eye as well—an excellent mixture. This old town center is a UNESCO World Heritage location because of its extraordinary Ottoman architecture constructed by large-estate farmers. Nicknamed the “City of Stone,” it’s a popular location near  Saranda for an afternoon of historical and cultural tours Gjirokaster Fortress towers above the old town center, a must-see site.

10. Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park

Beautiful park to see in things to do in Saranda
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This Park is the only marine national Park in Albania. It covers an area of water that’s close to 2 kilometres broad. This magnificent coastal nature park occupies the Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan Island, Albania’s most oversized island, between Vlore and  Saranda.


Suppose you like swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving; this is the best place to visit near Saranda. Several shipwrecks dated from as far back as Roman and Greek times but also from World War II. Under the surface of the southern Adriatic, On your water tour, you might also come across various corrals, sea turtles and even dolphins. It’s a bit of coastal dreamland for anyone who loves fresh nature.


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