Fier is a city in the county of Albania, situated in the southwest part of the country and an important industrial city on the banks of River Seman bordered by marshland. The city is a hub for oil bitumen and chemical industries, and tourism also plays an essential part in the town. Therefore, Albanians named it the heart of Myzeqe.

The features of this plan, the city of Fier protects even today where two systems connect; the radial and quadratic. So whenever you travel through Fier, stop and tour attentively the town, which with its history, will make you look at it in so many ways and respect it more.


1. Apollonia

beautiful Apollonia in things to do in Fier
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Apollonia as a city was discovered by Greek colonizers coming from Corinth in the early seventh century BC in the districts of the Illyrian Taulantians. Named after the god Apollo, the first data of his existence are registered about 620 BC. Among the twenty-four cities around the Mediterranean that bore this name in Antiquity, Apollonia and Illyria were the most significant. They played an essential role as trade intermediaries for the Mesopotamian Illyrians. In addition, Apollonia was, at that time, a vast and vital city near the river Aoos (Vjosa). It is predicted that the city had about 60,000 residents, a data figure for Antiquity!

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2. The Bylis Archaeological Park

The Bylis Archaeological Park
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It is a park with archaeological remains that describes the fall of early Illyrian civilization. The Illyrian town of Bylis situated on a hillside close to the modern village of Hekla. Since the 3rd BC, the city was furnished with different and important monuments such as theatres with a capacity of 7500 viewers, which served not only for various theatrical and musical performances for residents and neighbouring communities. Aside from the theatre, the city had its stadium and two promenades, one of which is a two-story prytaneion, apartments, streets, altars, gymnasium, and water tank.

3. hills of Ardenica and the Ardenica Monastery

visit the hills of Ardenica and the Ardenica Monastery in your list of things to do in Fier
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Constructed at the top of the hills above the village of Ardenica in Lushnje, it preserves paintings of significant worth. According to the Albanian book of knowledge, there’s a stone with an inscription at the entrance, carrying the date of construction in 1417. Still, older buildings that continue to be preserved belong to the first half of the 8th century. The Ardenica Monastery has the inns that were built later, the chapel of St. Triadha and the church of St. Mary.


4. Libofshe

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Libofshe is a scarce village in all of Albania, in which there are fifteen churches. For visitors, this place remains hidden. While locals are everything. A cue to the right of the Mbrostar – Fier road shows the entrance of the village of churches. There are valuables of the cultural heritage that Libofsha holds. The villagers call it the ‘village of churches’.

Seman beach
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5. Seman beach

seman beach
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Soft pines by the sea, clean and curative sand, quality service hospitality. These are why Seman beach in Fier is a destination toured by foreign vacationers and locals. This beach is not much visited by Albanian tourists, who were more attracted to the coast of Saranda and Vlora, but this method has changed already.

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6. Poros Pine Beach

Poros Pine Beach
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With about 6 miles of shoreline, ‘Pishë Poro’ in Fier provides unutilized sandy beaches with soft pine forests and plain sea. This beach, with a length of about five miles, has a lot to provide for anyone who decides to spend their vacations in this location.

7. Lumara Lakes

Lumara Lakes
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The two lakes of Lumara serves as visitors’ attraction surrounded by the high hills of Mallakastra. They form incredible landscapes because of the vegetation surrounding them, the colour, and the location. They are merged with lawns, plateaus and fountains.

8. Kreshpan Lake

amazing lake in things to do in Fier
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The old road from Fier towards Cakran has stunning geography with a wide area as if it was specially made for the delight of the human sight. A fantastic road winds between the hills, surrounded on both sides by dense masses of olive groves and pine trees. Touring this way, between the evergreen and the pure air, Just before you to its left just before you get to Cakran, you’ll come across a lake with melted green and blue colour, Lake Kreshpan. Certainly a must-see.

9. Horse racing in Darëzezë

Horse racing in Darëzezë
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A ten thousand race by the sea is the final event that brings horse and racing lovers to Fier. If for the competitors, the adrenaline is at its maximum, for a viewer, it may be adequate to see these amazing creatures as they run with their riders by the sea. 

10. The Monument of Agonothetes

The Monument of Agonothetes
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The Monument of Agonothetes in the centre of the city of Fier is a semicircle that serves as a gathering location of the council in Fier. In ancient Greece, the president of the sacred games was an agonothete. Initially, the person who initiated the games and covered the payments was the Agonothetes. Still, these presidents represented other states in the great public games, such as the Pythian Games and the Olympic Games.

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