Naturally unique and simply captivating, nearly abandoned by visitors, its natural attractions put you back in touch with reality with river tours, rock climbing and journeys into the jungle.

Today, tourists can jump on a motorbike and discover all of the deserted French colonial residences and churches reminiscent of Indiana Jones-style voyages. Kampot is different from any other Cambodian city you’ll find. So if you like historical discoveries and natural adventure, visit the city of Kampot.


1. Dirt Bike Adventure

Dirt Bike Adventure
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The forest of Kampot is arranged with a path of red dirt roads just waiting to be toured. The ideal way to travel this route is with some severe off-road vehicles. Off-Road Kampot’s adventures come with a local tour guide who is keen on safety and well-informed about the area. 

2. La Plantation Pepper Farm

baeutiful pepper farm in things to do in Kampot
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Kampot’s primary export product is black pepper. Food lovers will enjoy the chance to explore black pepper farms, where tour guides walk you through different stages of black pepper forests and let you have a taste of the hot products as you explore. The tours are free of charge. Do not forget to carry your camera as the farms are magnificent. You can buy bags of black pepper at low prices as souvenirs. 

3. Kampot River

Kampot River
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Kampot River is the definition of beauty, with winding turns through lush jungles and mangroves; it is clean enough to swim in and provides breathtaking sunset views. With just $15, you can start exploring. Aside from the anxiety-filled speed session, there are many things to do. You’ll get a chance to dip yourself in the Kampot river’s ecosystem and experience the life of local fishermen, who are sure to flash a big toothless smile as you zip on.

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4. Bokor National Park

 Bokor National Park in things to do in Kampot
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Bokor National Park provides more than singing birds, thick jungle, and babbling brooks; it is also home to substantial deserted French Colonial houses and mysteriously left churches giving this jungle a scary mood. Be ready to tour the towering Buddha statue and wildly beautiful sights of the twisted valleys of Cambodia.

5. Karma Traders Kampot

visit karma traders in your list of things to do in Kampot
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Peaceful sunsets from the rooftop bar followed with music and mouthwatering tacos to get started- enjoy Taco Tuesday at Karma Traders Kampot. There is a guest room to rent, a swimming pool on-site and a collection of furry animals to pet. Even if you miss Taco Tuesday, you can enjoy exciting moments on the rooftop bar daily. 

6. Preaek Tuek Chhu River

Preaek Tuek Chhu River
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Part of Kampot’s charm is the river that flows through it. Some travellers jump in, but it’s not the most inviting place to swim. Nevertheless, it makes for an excellent day of paddling, whether you want to kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Kayaks are available for rent on the river right in town, but a better option is to head north to one of the riverfront guesthouses – like Greenhouse, Meraki, or Ganesha – and rent a boat or board there. You can paddle on the main river, to and fro the tranquil channel that’s across from Greenhouse.

7. Arcadia Water Park Guest House

Arcadia Water Park Guest House
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A guest house located right on the river where you’ll drink cold beers, join a Beirut contest, take a swim, dive straight from the deck into the fresh water, and associate with a collection of travellers from around the world- Try out a floating raft with a three-meter diving off point, an expandable blob that takes you up into the air, a giant waterslide, a rope swing, inner tubes and more. It’s always a hectic time at Arcadia. 

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8. Kampot Night Market

kampot-night-market.jpg 6
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Walk to “The Big Durian” roundabout junction, where you’ll find different street food stalls to satisfy your cravings. You can taste the grilled Khmer delicacies on a stick, noodle soup and beef sandwiches for relaxation, and the mango sticky rice delicacy. There are tables and chairs where you can hang out with friends and family. You’ll also find different stalls with clothing, shoes and souvenirs. So you could walk around and negotiate items while enjoying beautiful views.


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