10 Breathtaking Waterfalls In Trinidad

Trinidad has over 25 awe-inspiring waterfalls, the types we only see in fairy tale animations with rainbows and unicorns galloping below. The island is hot all year round, so a hike to the nearest waterfall just for a dip is worth it.

Trinidad is one of the islands that make up the nation of Trinidad and Tobago; it’s the bigger of the two main islands. 

It is located approximately 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and 130 kilometers (81 miles) south of Grenada. 


The nation has a population of over 1.4 million people. Due to its exceptional ability to blend human civilization into nature, it’s become a paradise and travel destination for eco-tourists, plant scientists, and limners (that’s what they call people that wish to socialize over there).

The island boasts a lot of natural attractions that can have your attention for the whole day. However, arguably, most notable of these features are the waterfalls in Trinidad. 

Trinidad has over 25 awe-inspiring waterfalls, the types we only see in fairy tale animations with rainbows and unicorns galloping below. The island is hot all year round, so a hike to the nearest waterfall just for a dip is worth it.

This piece aims to shed more light on these waterfalls for the benefit of those seeking places to visit in Trinidad.


Top 10 Waterfalls in Trinidad

As already mentioned, Trinidad has over 25 waterfalls. However, we’d be sticking to only the top 10 in this post.

1. Maracas Falls

Maracas falls in Trinidad
Source: Trail Pace

It’ll be robbery to start this list of Trinidad waterfalls without this legendary waterfall being the first on the list. 

Maracas waterfall is a 300-foot tall waterfall, making it the largest waterfall in Trinidad. The view from the top is not for anyone Acrophobic.

It is located in St. Joseph and is only accessible by a 45 mins hike through the Maracas valley. 

Not a journey for people aren’t in excellent physical health condition. It’s a pretty much straightforward hike to the location and can be visited all year round.

Those who wish to visit can easily book a tour with princess.com.

2. Habio Falls

waterfalls in trinidad
Source: Wikiloc

Habio Falls is also known as ‘Rincon Falls’ in Rincon valley. It is located in a small community called Rincon, which is on the north coast between Maracas and Las Cuevas beach facilities.

The waterfall is approximately 247 feet high and is the second-largest waterfall in Trinidad. 

At the base are a large bathing pool and a great opportunity for a shower under the descending water. 


The access trail is on the right side of the valley and crosses paths with another waterfall called Black Pool.

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3. Black Pool Falls

Black pool falls
Source: Wikiloc

Black Pool Falls is located near Las Cuevas, San Juan/Laventille. This trail is relatively easy as compared to many others, but there’s a part that requires a steep climb, after which it’s a gentle hike through the bench trail to the waterfall. 

It is a deep pool and is arguably OK for swimming; ‘arguably’ because, as its name suggests, “black” describes the organic debris and mud at the bottom of the pool, which could get stirred up. 

This is good for someone not used to hiking because it’s along a well-used bench trail, with only a few fallen trees across the trail.

The trail up and down to the parking area is steep and becomes muddy and slippery when wet, making movement difficult. Not a good destination in the rainy season.

4. Cyril Bay Falls

Cyril Bay Waterfalls
Source: Roam It

This relatively small waterfall is accessible through the North coast road, off Maracas beach. From the beach, it’s a smooth descent down to the bottom, but the hike uphill out of the waterfall is much more challenging.

Due to its size and the fact that it’s sheltered and has no current, the waterfall looks like a getaway spot, but it’s only active in rainy seasons.

5. Rio Seco

Rico Seco Waterfalls
Source: Roam it

Rio Seco translates to ‘Dry River’ in Spanish. Why this all-year-round supply of water is called a dry river is still a mystery. 


It is located off Toco main road, Salybia, and it takes about 45 mins to hike to the waterfall.

After a hike, a dip in the river’s clean, cool water is soothing to the soul. It’s accessible by a trail above the river bank and is shaded by the forest’s canopy. 

Tree roots interlock across the footpath, and there are two gentle streams to cross. 

The spot is wonderful for a bath or splash experience. It also has the daredevil option of jumping into the pool below from the top of the 15-foot waterfall, making it one of the most exciting waterfalls in Trinidad.

6. Avocat Waterfall 

Avocat Waterfall
Source: Vaitor

You’d surely need your bathing suit for this one. Accessible through Blanchisseuse Road, two miles north of Avocat village, is the Avocat waterfall. 

A fifty-foot waterfall that pours into a natural pool below and also has a pool above, perfect for relaxation and bathing. The base is surrounded by large boulders, which add to the spectacle.


The trail is shaded by the forest canopy down to the base of the waterfall. An alternative route to it is by making your way through the Marianne river, which is on the east end of Blanchisseuse village.

A very interesting place to be if you love nature.

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7. Paria Falls

Paria Falls

Paria Falls is one of the Turere waterfalls. It is the ending point of the Paria river and flows down the slope below, which is covered by rainforest. 

It is located on Trindad’s North coast, accessible from the village of Blanchisseuse, which is at the end of the North Coast Road.

From Blanchisseuse, you’d have to hike a dirt road after crossing over an old but not creepy suspension bridge. 

The road after the bridge is a hiking trail that leads you straight to Paria Falls. After about an hour or two of hiking, depending on how fast your legs can carry you, you’d get to the beach at Paria Bay. A bit more walking from the beach will get you to the waterfalls.

The base of the waterfalls at Paria is an impressively large, deep, and clear pool which is ideal for taking a dip.

The presence of the pool at the base earns it a spot on the list of the top 10 Trindad Waterfalls to visit.

8. Sobo Falls

Soba Falls
Source: Make your life your adventure

This waterfall (also known as ‘Double River’ Falls) is located in Brasso Seco, close to Paria Falls, and the second of the three Turere waterfalls. 

The waterfall at Sobo Falls has an impressive height of 65 feet, and water from the falls splashes off of rocks for the last 25 feet, causing a cool, shower-like spray that is exhilarating.

Booking a guided tour to visit some of the waterfalls in Trinidad is a good idea if you don’t feel like trying to locate them on your own. 

9. Blue Basin Falls

Blue Basin

Blue Basin waterfall (one of the three Turere waterfalls) is very interesting in its unique way. It’s located in the valley of Cumaca and draws its source from the limestone region of Platanal. 

It has layers of sedimentary rock along its bed, while the rocks lining its path take the form of natural water steps which lead upstream to the falls.

Just like many other waterfalls, it has bathing pools at both the top and bottom, and the best time to visit is during the rainy season (April – September) when its vegetation is in its lush, green glory. 

The Blue Basin waterfall is a great place for people who love climbing due to its step-like rock formation. It is a sight to behold.

10. Mora Trace Waterfall

Mora trace waterfalls
Source: Roam It

Mora Trace Waterfalls is a twenty-foot waterfall located on Matura’s left tributary of the Mora Trace river. 

Matura is on the eastern side of Trinidad and is most notable for its role in the conservation of leatherback turtles. The waterfall isn’t popular yet. 

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The river is now more appealing because of the access the new road extension affords them. 

It takes about 1 hr and 15 minutes to walk within the pines and through the forested area downhill to get to the river. The winding river and the occurrence of awkward turns in the river caused fractured layers of rock formations, creating an incredible sight. 

From where the river sub-divides into two tributaries, one can choose to explore further upstream. This is a severe and breathtaking pull downhill, but it’s worth it upon getting to the pools.

Other Waterfalls Worth Visiting in Trinidad

These waterfalls in this category can be classified as honorable mentions. They might not have made our top 10 list, but they deserve all our respect.

La Laja Falls

La laja Falls
Source: Make your life your adventure

This waterfall is located on the Northeast coast of Trinidad. The journey to it is a long hike through the northern range. The journey involves taking the road up the Arima valley (going North). Just before Asa Wright, a small road goes off on the right (East) and gets increasingly worse until it gets to a cluster of small buildings. 

The hike continues down an old bench trial, and the waterfalls are approximately 4 Kilometers down that trail.

The journey to this year-round waterfall is a strenuous one indeed, definitely not for the faint in heart, but worth it.

Matelot Falls

Matelot Falls
Source: Roam it

Matelot Falls is another small waterfall and is in the secluded town of Toco. It’s located at the end of the northeastern coastline and is a very long drive, but the endpoint is well rewarding. 

This town is away from the noise and troubles of the city and tries to create a very relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

This sensational waterfall is located 3 km upstream with a deep, clear pool to refresh and swim. 

Argyle Falls

Argyle Falls
Source: CV Guiding Light

Argyle Falls is East of Scarborough along the Windward Road. 25 km, Scarborough, Tobago. It is the tallest on the island, with an impressive height of approximately 175 feet, and the water tumbles and cascades down its rocky course.

It is near the village of Roxborough on the island’s east coast, and access is paid for with a fee. Aside from the fee, you’ll also have to pay for a tour guide at the entrance. 

The fees are cheap, and it’s necessary to have a guide if you want to know about the region’s ecology as you hike to the falls. The hike is about 15-20 mins long, and the deep pools at the base of the falls make it worth it.


To wrap this up, the waterfalls in Trinidad are some of the best spots to visit on the Caribbean island. A trip to Trinidad without visiting at least two waterfalls is a crime to one’s self. From the majestic Maracas Falls to the little Sobo Falls, there’s hardly a chance that you won’t be impressed by what you see.

We hope it was an interesting read, do yourself the good of acting on them.


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