Explore the Top 20 Hidden Gems in Orange County

You'll find a vibrant tapestry of one-of-a-kind attractions and neighborhood hotspots in this varied county. There is something here for everyone, whether you're a foodie, a nature lover, a history nerd, or an avid adventurer. In this blog post, we want to reveal more about these side roads.

Let’s explore the top 20 hidden gems in orange county, are you ready? What if I told you there is more to discover, though? Think of the secret spots in Orange County that are waiting just for you.

The magnificent Orange County is located in sunny Southern California and is a picturesque destination that goes beyond its well-known beach communities and glitzy reality TV portrayals. It’s a mesmerizing location far beyond Disneyland, with busy boardwalks and quiet seaside vistas. 


You’ll find a vibrant tapestry of one-of-a-kind attractions and neighborhood hotspots in this varied county. There is something here for everyone, whether you’re a foodie, a nature lover, a history nerd, or an avid adventurer. 

In this blog post, we want to reveal more about these side roads. 

We’ll delve deeply into hidden places in Orange County, reveal hidden gems, and give you a brand-new list of thrilling things to do in orange county.

Explore the Top 20 Hidden Gems in Orange County

So let’s get ready to explore Orange County like never before and buckle up! 

Your guide to its best-kept secrets is here; welcome.

1. Crystal Cove State Park

Explore the Top 20 Hidden Gems in Orange County

Let’s begin our journey at Crystal Cove State Park in Orange County! 

This state park is a beach lover’s paradise tucked away between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. 

Visit during off-peak hours for a tranquil experience; the scenery looks beautiful in the early morning light. It is easily reachable via Pacific Coast Highway. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the historic coastal cottages, nature walks, and marine life-filledA well-kept secret that gives the traditional beach experience a touch of wilderness!

2. The Fullerton Arboretum

Explore the Top 20 Hidden Gems in Orange County

The Fullerton Arboretum, a stunning paradise tucked away in the city of Fullerton, comes next. 

The 26 acres of this botanical park are overflowing with plants from all around the world. 

Stroll through themed gardens, including the Mediterranean, Woodland, and Desert collections, for a special nature adventure. Visit in the spring for a kaleidoscope of hues! 

On Associated Road, near California State University, it is advantageously situated. 


Spend the day here, unwind by the serene ponds, and remember to visit the Heritage House, a museum from the Victorian era located on the property.

3. The Redwoods of Carbon Canyon

Who says that one must travel up north to view the magnificent Redwoods? A mere surprise, The Redwoods of Carbon Canyon Regional Park is a modest grove of roughly 200 Coastal Redwoods. 

The best time to see this hidden beauty is in the fall, when the foliage creates a picture-perfect landscape. 

The tranquil Redwood forest is accessible through a leisurely 1.1-mile walk, making it a great location for a picnic or a day trip. 

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A Northern Californian secret that puts the region closer to you!

4. The LAB Anti-Mall

The LAB Anti-Mall
Source: Costa Mesa Lab

Looking for a unique shopping experience? Greetings from The LAB Anti-Mall! 

An alternative to traditional malls is this unique location in Costa Mesa. Unique shops, cutting-edge eateries, and bright street art may all be found there. 

Visit on the weekends when local bands and artists offer an extra cool dimension. 


Bristol Street, which runs between South Coast Plaza and Irvine, is the way to get there. 

Remember to take a selfie in front of the well-known “LOVE” wall. In the very center of Orange County, this contemporary cultural experience goes beyond simple shopping.

5.  Oak Canyon Nature Center

At the enchanting 58-acre natural park nestled in Anaheim Hills, known as Oak Canyon Nature Center, you may escape the bustle of the city. 

It is a haven for nature lovers, with four miles of hiking trails winding through oak woods and coastal sage scrub. 

The best times to see the local wildlife are in the early morning and late afternoon. 

Take the Nohl Ranch Road, a simple drive from East Anaheim. Visit the John J. Collier Interpretive Center while there to learn about the regional ecosystem. 


Oak Canyon is your tranquil hideaway amidst the commotion, ideal for both families and lone travelers.

6. Marconi Automotive Museum

Marconi Automotive Museum
Source: SP Special

Visit the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin to feed your zeal for speed. This museum is a treat for auto aficionados, displaying an astonishing collection of vintage and high-performance cars. 

Visit in the afternoons of the weekdays to avoid crowds. With its racecar-red facade, the museum is conveniently located off Red Hill Avenue. 

This hidden gem takes you on an exhilarating voyage through the realm of automotive history, from vintage Ferraris to contemporary race vehicles. 

Move forward, my buddies!

7. San Juan Capistrano Mission

Visit the ancient San Juan Capistrano Mission to travel back in time. In the city of San Juan Capistrano, there is a magnificently preserved example of a Spanish mission from the 18th century. 

Go on a weekday morning for a tranquil experience and a chance to explore the magnificent gardens, fountains, and churches. 

It’s quite easy to reach because it’s just off Ortega Highway. Take advantage of the annual Return of the Swallows festival, a show that attracts a large number of these migratory birds to the mission. 

It has a distinct cultural twist and is a hidden gem in the OC.

8. Balboa Island Ferry

Balboa Island Ferry

Get on the lovely Balboa Island Ferry for a fun cruise on the ocean. 

When visiting Newport Beach, you must check out this hidden gem, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of Newport Harbor. 

Ideal for nighttime excursions when you can take in the spectacular sunset while the harbor’s lights dance on the water. 

It is conveniently situated on Agate Avenue and is reachable from Newport Boulevard. 

This brief, delightful boat journey offers a vintage maritime experience you would want to experience, whether on foot, on a bike, or in a car.

9. Noguchi Garden

The Noguchi Garden, often known as the “California Scenario,” offers peace in the middle of a busy city. A Japanese-American artist, Isamu Noguchi, created this modest, peaceful sculpture garden in Costa Mesa. 

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It is a haven between the towering buildings. Visit on a weekday when there are fewer people there. 

South Coast Plaza is a short distance away, just off Anton Boulevard. Investigate the figurative landscapes that depict many geographical features of California. 

It’s a perfect location for everyone who appreciates art and wants to find serenity in the middle of the city.

10. 1,000 Steps Beach. 

 1,000 Steps Beach.

Let’s now explore Laguna Beach’s best-kept secret, 1,000 Steps Beach. The staircase is quite a hike, but there aren’t a thousand stairs! 

Enjoy exploring the tidal pools and sea caves while enjoying the greatest beach experience at low tide. Parking there could be a little adventure in and of itself because it’s accessible via 9th Avenue in South Laguna. 

Prepare for a day of sand, surf, and breathtaking vistas at this hidden beach gem by packing sunscreen and a nice book.

11. Towne Orange Historic District

You’ll admire the ancient Towne Orange Historic District if you enjoy quaint ancient towns. 

As the “Antique Capital of California,” it is a charming area to meander about, with historic buildings and a traditional American square. 

Weekend late afternoons are ideal for perusing the antique shops and enjoying brunch at neighborhood cafes. 

In the city of Orange, it is close to the intersection of Chapman Avenue and Glassell Street. 

Visit Watson’s Soda Fountain and Cafe, which has been a landmark since 1899. It’s the ideal evocation of the past!

12. Packing House in Anaheim

Packing House in Anaheim

Do you enjoy eating? The Packing House in Anaheim will then win your heart. 

This former warehouse used for packing oranges has been converted into a food hall with a variety of fine dining establishments. 

Your taste senses are in for a treat, from craft breweries to artisanal pastries. Weekends are lively, but weekday lunchtimes are equally great. 

You may find it close to downtown Anaheim on Anaheim Blvd. 

Remember to check out Farmers Park, the outdoor dining area for a breath of fresh air between delectable dishes. 

It’s a hidden culinary gem in Orange County!

13. Black Star Canyon paths

Meet Black Star Canyon paths, one of Orange County’s most notorious but exhilarating hiking paths, adventurers. 

These paths in the Santa Ana Mountains promise a combination of beautiful scenery, waterfalls (particularly after rain), and some local history. 

The greatest time to trek is in the early morning since it becomes hotter and busier as the day wears on. 

Off Santiago Canyon Road, use Black Star Canyon Road to reach the trailhead. 

Be ready for a hike that will be relatively difficult; who knows, you might even discover some “haunted” secrets along the route!

14. The Santiago Oaks Regional Park 

Packing House in Anaheim

This peaceful retreat for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts in Orange is the next place on our list. 

This park is a breath of fresh air with its winding pathways, an abundance of animals, and stunning vistas of the Santa Ana Mountains. 

The best times to avoid the heat are early in the morning or late in the day. It has plenty of parking and is close to East Nohl Ranch Road. 

A panoramic view of Orange County may be seen from the top; it is a sight that will wow you.

15. The Secret Gardens of Laguna Beach

These private gardens, hidden amid residential areas, are breathtaking. 


The greatest time to go is in the spring, when residents expose their gardens to the public as part of the annual Gate & Garden Tour. 

Every year, the sites change, adding to the intrigue! Watch for information about the tour, which the Laguna Beach Garden Club normally announces. 

Prepare to be astounded by the residents of Laguna Beach’s green fingers!

16. Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms in Irvine offers a distinctive farm-to-table experience and is a charming rural haven in the middle of the city. 

You have the option to choose your fruits and veggies at this family-run farm! The best times to go are during seasonal activities, such as picking strawberries in the spring or visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall. 

It’s easily accessible from Irvine’s downtown via University Drive. 

To discover more about the farm’s history and sustainable farming methods, be sure to join a guided wagon tour. 

It’s an exciting new journey that everyone may enjoy!

17. The Eichler Homes of Orange

Fans of architecture, this one’s for you! The mid-century modern design gem, The Eichler Homes of Orange, was named after their creator Joseph Eichler. 

Nestled in Orange’s Fairhaven, Fairhills, and Fairmeadow communities. 

To replicate their distinctive architecture, which includes post-and-beam construction, open floor plans, and substantial glass walls, visit during the day. 

You may get to them from East Fairhaven Avenue or North Tustin Street. 

Even though these are private homes and can only be seen from the street, their stunning architecture is well worth the trip. 

18. The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower 

The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower

This is the final touch of mystery. At Victoria Beach, there is a charming 60-foot-tall tower that is hidden. Locally referred to as “Pirate Tower,” 

it is a fantastical sight right out of a fairy tale. To visit the tower, go there while the tide is low. Follow the stairs down to the beach after traveling down Victoria Drive. 

Although you can’t get inside the tower, it makes a great photo location. Keep in mind to respect the surrounding private property. 

Prepare yourself for a daring journey at this hidden location in Orange County!

19. The Wayfarers Chapel

It is referred to as “The Glass Church.” Its magical beauty earns it a spot on our list despite being technically in Rancho Palos Verdes, which is just outside Orange County. 

The son of the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, created this architectural marvel that seamlessly blends nature with spirituality. 

To avoid prospective wedding ceremonies, visit on a weekday. Palos Verdes Drive South is the route that leads there. 

Explore the tranquil gardens, gaze out at the vast ocean, and enjoy the ethereal light that streams through the chapel’s glass walls. 

A peaceful conclusion to your OC journey!

20. San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine

Explore the Top 20 Hidden Gems in Orange County

Visit the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine to get away from nature. This 300-acre refuge of wetlands is a haven for over 200 different bird species all year long, making it a birdwatcher’s heaven. 

Visit during the cooler morning or dusk hours for the best bird watching. Plenty of parking is nearby, off Harvard Avenue, close to University Drive. 

If you’re lucky, a rare or migrating bird may be seen if you take a stroll through the area’s paths. 

In the heart of Orange County’s urban sprawl, a tranquil, picturesque sanctuary where nature flourishes. A hidden gem!


So there you have it, folks , a treasure trove of undiscovered attractions in Orange County, from picturesque natural areas and historic sites to eccentric shops and delectable cuisine. 

Each provides a distinctive experience and an opportunity to discover OC outside of the typical tourist route. 

So grab your backpack and sense of adventure and explore these hidden locations. Orange County isn’t just beaches and Disneyland, after all. 

It’s a lively, diversified city with surprises around every bend. Happy adventuring!