10 Amazing Things To Do In Point Clear

Suppose you are looking for a great place to relax, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, a tourist attraction site, a calm, quiet vacation place, or just somewhere to explore as a traveler; Point Clear, Alabama, is without a doubt the perfect destination to visit. 

Looking for a post that shares with you the top 10 amazing things to do in Point Clear, Alabama?

You’re in the the right place.


Located in Baldwin County on Alabama’s stunning Gulf coast, Point Clear is a small beach town with a population of just over 2000 residents. It boasts white sand beaches, turquoise clear water, and a cool breeze that creates a relaxing atmosphere for all visitors.

If you are looking for a great place to relax, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, or just somewhere to explore as a traveler; Point Clear, Alabama, is without a doubt the perfect destination for you. 

Compared to other towns you may have visited in the U.S, Point Clear may seem small, but it offers a lot for tourists and travelers. It has a variety of places to visit, new experiences to try, and most importantly, sumptuous dishes that will leave you wanting more.

In this blog post, we will let you in on all that this small beachy town has to offer you, so sit tight and enjoy the ride to Point Clear, Alabama. 


Who knows, you might just add it to your already long bucket list of places to visit. 

10 Amazing Things to do Do In Point Clear

1. Go on a hike to witness the beautiful scenery 

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Point Clear is a small town; there are no waterfalls or rivers, but they are small creeks with beautiful sights.

You are assured of great exposure, with over 14 trails covering 61 miles. 

Hiking is a great way to get familiar with a new environment, especially if you are going to be spending days or weeks there.

Some top attractions you should visit are the creeks with beautiful sights you wouldn’t want to miss. 

D’Olive Creek:

Flowing through the D’Olive Creek nature trail is the D’Olive Creek, surrounded by luscious forests and a variety of bird species. 

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Ohh, what a beautiful sight to behold it is.

2. A visit to Magnolia river


The Magnolia is a small river flowing by the Week bay inn and is known for its beauty. It is home to various forests and wetlands and has a lot of aquatic plants and creatures.

These are some of the top Point Clear, Alabama, tourism sites.


Point Clear is a small town, so you are bound to meet other hikers on your way, so no worries, you will get to meet and make new friends.

And trust us when we say this, there is nothing as good as having a local as a friend in an unfamiliar place.

3. A visit to the local inns & restaurants to have a taste of sumptuous local dishes 

10 Amazing Things To Do In Point Clear, Alabama.

If you love good food, visiting some of the local restaurants in this town is one of the best things to do in Point Clear.

Point Clear is home to many great dishes, both local and intercontinental dishes.

If you want to try something different from the city food, there are a lot of inns here to make your wish come true.

With a variety of restaurants and diners offering various types of dishes, you can be assured of satisfying your taste buds.

And not to worry, they are also a variety of vegetarian dishes, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your rules. 

Here are a couple of places you should try out their food. 


Tamara’s Bar & Grill: 

Just like the name, it’s a bar and grill spot.

SweetWater Cafe: 

A café serving the sweetest pastries, breakfast, and lunch. Heyy, they also serve the best coffee.

Two Sisters Bakery: 

Okay, we know you love the name, right? It has such a deep meaning. 

So it’s a bakery serving homemade pastries and mouth-watering delicacies.  

Los Tacos:  

Everyone loves a good taco, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite food in Point Clear because it’s home for all. 

And Los Tacos is the best at what they do in Point Clear. 


The list is inexhaustible, so be sure to carry enough cash with you so you don’t end up running low on cash just when you are about to try out your favorite meal.

Are you a lover of art 


4. A trip to the antique shops to get a memoir 

Antique Shops in alabama

Are you a lover of art or just interested in the collector of ancient art, be it jewelry or artworks or paintings, anything to give you the 1900s feeling?

Then you are in luck because Point Clear has several antique shops. 

One of the most famous is Ye Olde Antique Shop, where you can find the most beautiful art pieces and get a souvenir to serve as a memoir of your trip.

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5. A journey back in time in a museum

Museum in alabama

A museum is one of my most creative places because it is home to great cultural heritages.

Point Clear is just like every other place with a story to tell, and what is a better place to find those stories than the museum?

There are books and art pieces. And we have just the right museum for you. Miss Colleen’s house is a funny name for a museum, but we guess it was named after its founder.

It has everything you need, from books to paintings, to mention it all.

Visiting Miss Colleen’s house is one of the many things to do while in Alabama. 

Are you a Pisces, or do you just love getting wet?

Did you know most Pisces are sea-sick 

6. Fishing trip or a boat ride

SOURCE: Tripadvisor

Point Clear is a beachy town, so there is water, so why not take a boat ride or a fishing trip? There are places like Mullet Point Park, which is great for fishing.

Making Waves Charter is the perfect boat ride cruise guaranteed to give you a wonderful boating experience.

7. The escape room 

source: World of escapesEscape Room

What’s a vacation or a trip without fun and games? When we said Point Clear had it all, we meant it all. 

Now not just any game but an adventure-filled game just like the movie escape room.

Point Clear has an adventure game-themed escape room now. 

We bet you don’t need too many details about that because, as you know, every escape room has its adventures and secrets.

So shhh.

Looking to fuel your spooky side?

8. The visit to confederate rest cemetery

Cemetery in alabama
Source: TripAdvisor

If you are on a group vacation, this could be a fun dare to have with your friends and spice up your trip.

Dare, Dare, Dare!!! We dare you to spend a night at the cemetery. Whoosh, how crazy will that be!! 

This is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience.

Mind you, this is not for the faint-hearted, so if you know you are not capable of it then don’t try it so your trip doesn’t turn sour instead of super.

This is one of the top-tier things to do in Alabama. 

9. A day trip at the gift shop

gift shops in alabama
source: collins dictionary

Everyone loves gifts, and you can’t go on a trip and not get a gift back home with you.

Gifts for yourself to be a constant reminder of what a beautiful experience you had. This is also one of the things to do in Point Clear. 


You could even get your gifts customized at the gift shop. This way, the memory lasts longer, and you always smile when you look at it.

Where else will you be able to get amazing customized gifts but at The Garage Studio, the best gift shop in Point Clear, Alabama? 

10. Capture that moment

The serene nature of Alabama

You can’t be going on a trip to Point Clear, Alabama and not have a camera. We don’t mean your phone. Nope, we mean a camera to capture every moment spent.

You can’t relive a moment if you don’t remember it. Out of sight is out of mind, so you need to capture that moment to relive the memory of your pleasant time in Point Clear.

You could also create an album with those pictures gathered, and who knows, it could be a legacy to your future generations, and they will follow in your footsteps.

Best Places To Stay In Point Clear, Alabama

There are a couple of hotels and resorts you can stay in for a while in Point Clear, but it all depends on your budget.

Whether you just want a simple cottage, inn, or guest house to stay in and enjoy your trip comfortably or a hotel or resort to spend your trip in luxurious, you will find that there’s a place that matches your budget at Point Clear.

Here are a few:

i. Bay Breeze Guest House

A perfect family guest house with free wifi, children friendly environment, free parking space, a bar/lounge, and a great view of the city.

ii. Magnolia Beach Inn

Magnolia Beach Inn provides a mixture of comfort and convenience, with an inbuilt fitness center, 24/7 internet wifi, free parking, etc.

It is also located in a great place with the advantage of so many restaurants around, so you have a variety of choices when it comes to dishes.

iii. Jubilee Suites

This is one of the best places to stay in Point Clear, Alabama. 

With a king-sized bedroom with a balcony giving you an amazing view of the city, yoga classes, a massage, and a complimentary breakfast.

Not to mention great outdoor activities like canoeing, a picnic area, and a sun deck.

Your accommodation determines how well your trip will be or not, and it even determines whether you will make the trip.

The best tip for finding the best accommodation is to make a reservation on time. 

These small towns are the best places to have a vacation and a getaway, and so these resorts get huge reservation orders. It is advisable to book a reservation well ahead of time so that the best service can be provided to you.


Are you in Point Clear for business, vacation, or even a romantic getaway?

Or are you thinking of having a quick getaway to a small town and chilling out of the city life? Then congrats to you. This is just what you need.

Be rest assured that you will have an awesome trip.

Be sure to follow all the guidelines listed here for you. You can as well try out different things on your own that way. You will be more fulfilled.

What are you still waiting for to book your flight ticket and make your hotel reservation? 

Be quick and cross it off that already long bucket list of places to visit.

We wish you a safe trip and an exciting journey.