Shoshoni Wyoming Tourism: 10 Best Places To Visit

Shoshoni, Wyoming, is a small town in Fremont County, in the lovely state of Wyoming in the United States of America. The town is the best place for a quiet relaxing time and is also quite popular with tourists, especially in the summer and spring when the natural beauty blossoms. 

Shoshoni Wyoming tourism attractions center around the various natural views. From fishing at the Yellowstone River to hiking the Owl Creek Mountains, the city has various mind-blowing activities for locals and tourists alike. 


While this cozy town might be one of the best places to travel to, it can get confusing if you don’t know where the fun’s at. So Instead of just telling you the best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming, here are the 10 best places to visit in the city. 

And if you visited the city without hitting every one of these places, you need to plan another trip now. 

Shoshoni Wyoming Tourism: 10 Best Places To Visit

1. Boysen State Park

best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming
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One of the best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming is to go trailing in any of the beautiful parks in the small city. Shoshoni Wyoming is known for having some of the best parks in the state, and Boysen State Park is one of them. 


Boysen State Park is a stunning natural retreat offering diverse recreational activities and picturesque landscapes. The park is centered around the Boysen Reservoir, which was created by the Boysen Dam on the Wind River.

It is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts as the reservoir is home to various fish species, including walleye, trout, and bass. It is also known as a great camping site, 

With the surrounding landscapes featuring rugged canyons, colorful rock formations, and stunning views of the mountains, this picturesque park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. 

2. Hot Springs State Park

Hot State Spring Park. Shoshoni Wyoming Tourism
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If you are unsatisfied with the wonderful experience of Boysen State Park, or even if you are, your trip through Shoshonis Wyoming’s tourism locations would be far from complete without a stop at Hot Spring State Park. 

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Hot Springs State Park is a unique natural attraction renowned for its therapeutic hot springs and diverse recreational opportunities. The park is known for being home to the “The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs.”

Though the mean feature of Hot Springs State Park is, hands-down, its hot springs, the park also offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking the scenic nature trails surrounding the park.

Taking a relaxing bath in any of the hot springs of this exquisite park is indeed one of the best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming. Just thinking about it makes me want to jump on a plane again. 

3. Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway

Scenic route surrounded by mountains and nature

The Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway is a breathtaking route that winds through the stunning Wind River Canyon in Wyoming. 

Taking a drive along the byway will leave you to enjoy the scenic views of the towering cliffs, rugged canyons, lush greenery, and the magnificent view of the rushing waters of the Wind River.

The byway is also dotted with several viewpoints and pull-off areas where you can stop and appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery. Various wildlife can be seen, including bighorn sheep, deer, and various bird species. 


The canyon’s beauty provides a picturesque backdrop for activities such as picnicking, wildlife photography, and simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance of nature.

4. Legend Rock Petroglyph Site

Rock Petroglyph Site

Shoshoni Wyoming’s population makes it one of the best places to go if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city. One of the best places to do that is the Legend Rock Petroglyph Site. 

Legend Rock Petroglyph Site is a remarkable archaeological site renowned for its extensive collection of Native American petroglyphs, which are rock carvings made by ancient peoples.

It is a National Historic Landmark, and it features over 300 individual petroglyph panels which are believed to be between 500 and 2,000 years old!

The petroglyphs feature various figures, including human-like forms, animals, handprints, and abstract symbols. Visitors get to explore the site through a self-guided interpretive trail with informational signs that provide explanations of the various petroglyph panels.

Visiting Legend Rock Petroglyph Site allows you to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Wyoming’s indigenous peoples. It has an absolutely stunning view in the spring and is a must-visit place. 

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5. Wedding of the Waters

A river

If you love fishing and are looking for what to do in this cozy town, then you’re in for a treat. One thing that Shoshoni Wyoming is known for, apart from its small population, is its beautiful and scenic rivers. 

The Wedding of the Waters is a unique geological feature that marks the confluence of the Wind River and the Big Horn River. It’s a remarkable sight as these two rivers merge, symbolizing the beginning of the Yellowstone River.


Whether you want to go boating, kayaking, or swimming, or you just want to have a relaxing time viewing the waters –and maybe catch the stunning sunset over it– you have the right location. 

The river has a variety of fish species. If you are lucky, you might catch your dinner or, even better, a very interesting story to tell your colleagues when you get back to work. 

You can also grab a bite to eat at the One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company nearby —a full glass of beer pairs well with the view. 

6. Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

Castle gardens Petroglyph Site
Source: TripAdvisor

The Castle Gardens Petroglyph site is so mesmerizing that though it is not technically a castle, it can contend with the most beautiful castles in the world

It is a captivating archaeological site located near Thermopolis, Wyoming, and is also recognized for its extensive collection of petroglyphs.

The site is located within the scenic Castle Gardens area which has unique sandstone formations that looks like castles. These formations combined with the ancient petroglyphs, create a captivating atmosphere that is truly stunning. 


Whether you’re there alone or with friends, you can take a self-guided experience and wander through the site at your own pace. 

Taking a leisure walk while enjoying the beautiful view and serene environment the site has to offer is one of the best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming 

7. Riverton Museum

Exhibits in a Museum. best things to do in Shoshoni wyoming
Credit: Andrew Neil

A visit to Shoshoni Wyoming is incomplete without a visit to Riverton Museum. The Riverton Museum, located in Riverton, Wyoming, is a fascinating museum with its main goal of preserving and showcasing the history and heritage of the region.

The museum offers visitors a glimpse into the past through its diverse collection of artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays. Each exhibit and artifact has a wonderful story behind it and sheds more light on the rich culture in the area.

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The museum also features rotating exhibits and special events that delve into specific topics or highlight specific periods in the region’s past.

You can also visit the gift shop to get a souvenir to commemorate your trip, but with how peaceful and wonderful the city is, you might not need to. You would be back there in no time!

8. Wind River Indian Reservation

A river surrounded by mountain and hills

The Wind River Indian Reservation is a vast Native American reservation located in central Wyoming. It is home to two federally recognized tribes, the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe. 

Visiting the Wind River Indian Reservation allows you the unique opportunity to experience Native American culture, history, and traditions. 

The reservation is rich in cultural heritage, and visitors can engage in various activities and attractions, from various Cultural Centers to Ethete and Fort Washakie to Wind River Casino and other various outdoor recreation activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. 

9. Owl Creek Mountains

Mountains and trees
Credit: Harigovind Kaninghat

Hiking on the Owl Creek Mountains is one of the best things to do in Shoshoni Wyoming, especially for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The area is home to various wildlife species, including elk, deer, antelope, and a variety of bird species. Wildlife viewing is a popular activity in the Owl Creek Mountains, and visitors may have the chance to spot these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

The mountain offers a wonderful, wild view that would leave you feeling like Indiana Jones. It is also a great place to take a romantic walk with your partner, especially in the summer. 

10. Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tour

Wild Mustangs in the field

The Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tour offers a unique and thrilling experience to explore the untamed beauty of the Red Canyon area and witness the wild mustangs that roam freely in the region.

This exhilarating tour takes visitors on a thrilling adventure through the rugged terrain of Red Canyon. The rugged canyon is known for its astonishing red rock formations and deep canyons.

During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to observe the wild mustangs that use the area as their habitat, with guides detailing their behavior, history, and significance.

Shoshoni Wyoming’s tourism locations are some of the most peaceful and exciting places you’d ever find. Some honorable mentions are the Sinks Canyon State Park, Bighorn Basin, Buffalo Bill Dam, and the Fremont County Pioneer Museum. 

You are certain to have a wonderful time in the city, and I can tell you that you will be back for more in no time. That is, if you are even able to leave in the first place.