15 Most Exciting Things To Do In Jackson CA

Traveling itself is fun if done right, but having an exciting time depends not only on where you go but also on what you do. You can be in the right place without knowing the right spots and then miss out on all the fun.

Jackson, California, is definitely the right place, and in this article, we’ll explore the most exciting things to do in Jackson CA. From viewing its stunning natural landscapes to exploring its rich historical sites and vibrant cultural attractions, you can take your trip to the “Gem of the Mother Lode” from average to epic!


Jackson, CA, is a charming city in Amador County, California. It is bordered by the Sierra Nevada foothills and the scenic countryside and is famously known for its gold rush history and beautiful landscapes. 

Jackson City is worth visiting if not for anything else than the sheer beauty of its surroundings. Whether you’re here on a short trip with the boys, a weekend getaway with the girls, or a full-on vacation with the whole family, there’s little to regret about choosing the “Gem of the Mother Lode.”

Of course, like every city tends to do, Jackson hides its most amazing places in unseemly streets and back alleys. The renowned Kennedy Gold Mine is in the unsuspecting Kennedy Mine Road, and the charming Historic Downtown Jackson is tucked away behind the shadows of Main Street.

If you don’t know your way around the city, you may be forever searching for exciting things to do, but to save you from that dilemma, we’re going to jump right into the 15 Most Exciting Things To Do In Jackson CA.


15 Most Exciting Things To Do In Jackson CA

1. Visit Kennedy Gold Mine Historic Surface Tours

Kennedy Gold Mine
Source: edcadventures.com

One of the first things to do in Jackson, CA, as soon as you touchdown is to go to the Kennedy Gold Mine Historic Surface Tours. It is the gold mine of tourist attractions in the city –pun intended. 

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Kennedy Gold Mine is a fascinating historical site that offers surface tours that will take you on a journey back to the Gold Rush era. You can explore the remnants of the once-thriving gold mine and pan for gold and gain hands-on experience in gold mining.

2. Explore the Butte Store

Old building of the butte store
Source: calexplorina.com

The Butte store is a single building and is the only remaining structure of the once bustling Butte City. Though it may be an old ruin, it is a wonderful sight to see. The building itself tells the story of a different time and makes a beautiful landscape photo if you are traveling with your camera. 

The store is along Highway 49 in Amador County and is easily spotted as you go down the highway. Taking a stop to get a picture of this historic 170-year-old building is one of the most popular things to do in Jackson CA, and is proof that you have visited the city. 

3. Take a tour of the Historic Downtown Jackson

Buildings on a street in historic downtown jackson
Source: cbsnews.com

One of the most tranquil things to do in Jackson California is to take a soft and comely tour of Historic Downtown Jackson. Especially if you are with friends, a tour of this beautiful and welcoming district is absolutely thrilling. 

Historic Downtown Jackson is a charming district that showcases the rich heritage of the Gold Rush era. Strolling through the streets, you get to admire the well-preserved buildings, unique shops, art galleries, and antique stores. 

You get the opportunity to soak in the history of the town while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a true gem of Amador County.

4. Enjoy wine tasting at Scott Harvey Winery. 

Scott Harvey Winery

Nothing tops a wonderful experience paired with the right, properly aged wine. Exploring the exquisite wine collections at Scott Harvey Winery is the best thing you can do for your palate –trained or not. 

Though it is not technically in the city, it is one of the most popular things to do near Jackson CA. Be sure to pocket your stinkiest cheese on your way there. 


5. Explore the lush greenery of Daffodil Hill.

Daffodil Hill
Source: TripAdvisor

Ever wondered what it would be like to be Alice in Wonderland? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. While you may not be able to click your heels three times to teleport to Daffodil Hill, you will surely have the most magical experience as you explore the breathtaking surroundings. 

Daffodil Hill is a picturesque display of vibrant daffodils that bloom annually, creating a stunning floral spectacle. The hillside comes alive with a sea of yellow and white daffodils, providing the perfect backdrop for your pictures. 

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Visiting Daffodil Hill is one of the best things to do near Jackson California, if you are there between late February to early April.

6. Attend a live performance at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort.

Building with lights on the side of the road, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
Source: indiangaming.com

One of the most thrilling things to do in Jackson CA is to visit the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. 

The resort is a premier destination for entertainment and gaming and offers a wide range of amenities and activities. 

The casino features a variety of slot machines, —which, if you win enough points, may even snag you a free Seafood Buffett— table games, and poker rooms to satisfy your quest for a thrilling gaming experience. 

You also get to enjoy a diverse culinary experience with multiple dining options, including fine dining, casual eateries, and a buffet. If you want to stay over, the resort’s got you covered with a luxurious hotel.

If you want to top up your cup with additional entertainment, you can catch live performances at the Grand Oak Ballroom, which hosts a variety of concerts, comedy shows, and other special events.


7. Discover the charm of the Amador County Museum.

Amador country museum front entrance
Source: wikimedia.org

If you like peace and quiet, then you’d agree that going museum hunting is one of the best ways to have a fun time in a new city. And as far as tranquility goes, exploring the Amador County Museum is one of the most tranquil things you can do in Jackson California. 

The Amador County Museum is a captivating cultural institution that offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and heritage of Amador County through exhibits, artifacts, and documents that depict the region’s rich past.

You can explore various themed galleries, learn about the indigenous Native American tribes, and discover the contributions of different communities that have shaped the county’s identity.

8. Play a round of golf at the Mace Meadows Golf Course.

Mace Meadows Golf Course
Source: golfpass.com

If you’re a golf head and are looking for things to do in Jackson CA, you should head down to the Mace Meadows Golf course. 

Mace Meadows Golf Course is a scenic 18-hole golfing destination course in Jackson CA. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, and players can enjoy panoramic views as they navigate the fairways and greens.

The course is very well-maintained and has a ton of practice facilities, including a driving range and putting greens for you to refine your skills. Whether you are a beginner golfer or you’re on your way to being the next Tiger Woods, this is an exciting place to be. 


9. Discover the historic Knight Foundry.

Historic Knight Foundry
Source: ledgernews.com

The historic Knight Foundry is a remarkable industrial landmark located in Sutter Creek, near Jackson, California. It is recognized as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark and offers a unique glimpse into the region’s industrial heritage. 

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The Knight Foundry is a captivating destination for history buffs and engineering enthusiasts seeking to understand the innovative techniques of the past.

10. Visit the Jackson Pioneer Cemetery.

Cemetery with trees and mountains in the background
Source: TripAdvisor

Now, why would you go to a cemetery?” you ask.  Well, why not? Believe it or not, visiting the Jackson Pioneer Cemetery is still one of the most popular things to do in Jackson, California, for tourists. 

Taking a stroll through the cemetery allows you to see the history of the town as you read through the various headstones. While exploring cemeteries might only be for some, If you find peace in cemeteries, you will definitely like this one. Just don’t knock it till you try it. 

11. Enjoy a picnic at Lake Tabeaud Area.

Lake Tabeaud Area
Source: TripAdvisor

Enjoying a cozy picnic at Lake Tabeaud Area is one of the most affordable things to do in Jackson CA. I mean, you’d be packing your own lunch, so it doesn’t get cheaper than that. 

Apart from the snug picnic areas that it offers, Lake Tabeaud also offers activities like fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and Kayaking. 

12. Visit Main Street Theatre Works. 

Main Street Theatre Works
Source: TripAdvisor

If you have a frown that you so readily want to turn upside down, then I suggest you find your way to Main Street Theatre Works. It is a professionally oriented, rural theatre company at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre.

If you are looking to enjoy comedic theatres under the twinkling stars, then this is by far one of the best options of things to do in Jackson CA. 

13. Explore Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park.

Exhibit of a wheel in a glass building
Source: winecountry.com

The Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park is the best place to enjoy a peaceful and adventurous view and an educative experience. Just think of a museum, but outdoors, with giant wheels everywhere and beautiful trees surrounding it.

If you are traveling with kids who would see a regular museum as boring, then exploring the KennedyTailing Wheels park would be the next of the best educative things to do in Jackson, CA. 

14. Explore the Black Chasm Cavern National Landmark.

Black Chasm Cavern National Landmark
Source: californiathroughmylens.com

If you are in Jackson, then you can’t miss out on exploring the Black Chasm Cavern National Landmark. Not only does it offer a striking view of stalactites and flowstones, but it also offers above-ground activities like gemstone mining and hiking. 

With it being just a 20-minute drive from the city, it is one of the most popular things to do near Jackson CA.

15. Enjoy outdoor activities at the Detert Park Recreation Area.

Detert Park Recreation Area
Source: foursquare.com

If you are looking for the best place to have a thrilling adventure with various outdoor activities, then you should visit the Detert Park Recreation Area. 

Detert Park Recreation Area is a wonderful outdoor destination with a wide range of recreational activities. You can explore the park’s walking trails, enjoy the baseball fields, and tennis courts, or enjoy a nice family picnic at any of the picnic spots. 

In conclusion, Jackson, California, offers a multitude of exciting attractions and activities that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

 From the rich historical sites like Kennedy Gold Mine and Historic Downtown Jackson to the natural beauty of Daffodil Hill and Detert Park Recreation Area, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

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