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10 Fun Things To Do in Barre Vermont

Hey there! Welcome to “10 Fun Things To Do in Barre Vermont”. I know you are wondering, is Barre, Vermont, a worthwhile travel destination? Will my time be worth it? Are there notable and top sights in Barre, Vermont, that are worth visiting? These are some of the questions running through your mind right now. 

If so, then keep reading because I’m certain this article will address all of your concerns and dispel any questions you may have. 

The third-largest city in Vermont is Barre City, which is located in Washington County. It is a little but lovely tourist site that is worthwhile a visit. It is known as the granite center of the world.

Barre has since grown into a classic small-town Vermont charm and has stopped being just a granite quarry town. Its proximity to the Canadian border, less than 60 miles away, formed it into the welcoming small town it is now. 

The unique activities and locations you might discover in this hidden city will astound you. Many of Vermont’s attractions are within easy driving distance of Barre City, which is situated in the state’s center. 

The city has a rich history; little wonder numerous structures in the city were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ten of the top and most enjoyable things to do in Barre, Vermont, as well as the surrounding area, have been compiled in this list. 

10 Fun Things To Do in Barre Vermont

If you include this city in your trip itinerary, you will be glad you did. Let’s explore!

1. Visit Thunder Road Speedbowl

10 Fun Things To Do in Barre Vermont

This is one way to welcome yourself to the granite city if you are a racing enthusiast. The.25-mile (0.40 km) high-banked, asphalt Thunder Road International Speedbowl, also known simply as Thunder Road, is a short-track speedway in the Vermont town of Barre. Ken Squier founded the track in 1960. 

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The Late Models, Flying Tigers, and Street Stocks weekly categories are currently run at Thunder Road. 

The track is well-known for holding its weekly races on Thursday nights.  For some events, NASCAR drivers come to the quarter-mile oval track. Unquestionably, visiting this racetrack is among the top things to do in Barre, Vt, that you can imagine. 

2. Go have fun at the twin city lanes

Go have fun at the twin city lanes

In Barre, Vermont, the Twin City Family Fun Center is the place for some fun. First, they provide both daytime and nighttime bowling. There is also laser tag, where you can compete against friends or new opponents. Their arcade is jam-packed with thrilling games where you may compete against friends for the highest score.


The arcade also offers classic video games. K’s Korner is located inside the amusement facility, so you don’t even have to leave to buy some food. 

The center is open every day. So, grab your belongings and go have a good time at this center because it is one of the best things to do in Barre, Vermont. 

3. Explore the Rock of Ages Visitors Center

Explore the Rock of Ages Visitors Center

You’ll find the Rock of Ages Visitors Center in Graniteville, Vermont—seven minutes from Barre. 

It is the best location to discover the background of Vermont’s granite mining. The center presents information about granite quarrying’s geology, history, and technique. 

The largest granite quarry in the world, with the deepest drilling of more than 600 feet, is also located there. Tours to the quarry are available at the center. A granite putting green is also there, as is an outdoor granite bowling alley. 

A gift shop where you can purchase mementos and granite goods is also at the Rock of Ages Visitors Center. Among the exciting things to do near Barre, Vt, is a visit to the center.

4. Attend Barre Heritage Parade Festival

 Attend Barre Heritage Parade Festival

A fun hometown parade is something everyone enjoys. From sweets to auto shows, the Barre Heritage Festival has it all. The Barre Heritage Festival is a blast for the whole town and features a procession down the streets with a wide selection of regional food vendors. 

The celebration is conducted to honor the heritage that drew people to the region.


A couple of the festivities include a bathtub race, a fiddle show, and a ton of live music. Every year, the parade is held in the last week of July. 

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You are in luck if you are in Barre or making plans to visit because you get to enjoy the parade, which is one of the most exciting things to do in Barre, Vermont, and one of the city’s most thrilling attractions.

5. Go see the largest zipper in North America

Go see the largest zipper in North America

The biggest zipper in North America can be found in Barre. The zipper stretches 74 feet down the ground down a little alley and is made of chunks of local granite. 

It is available at the Central Vermont Community, which is located on North Main Street. The 74-foot-long zipper, known as Unzipping the Earth, is a piece of Barre’s vast collection of granite sculptures.

Plants are sprouting out of the crevices of the zipper, and there is seating on the side. The sculpture honors the granite industry of the city. 

People can sit on it or use it as a table, so it also functions as a piece of functional art. Without a doubt, this is a must-see top sight in Barre, Vermont worth visiting.

6.  Enjoy a show at the Barre Opera House

The Barre Opera House, a historic theater with 1,000 seats, was constructed in 1899. The theater is in the heart of Barre. 

Numerous events are held there, including plays, concerts, movies, and dance performances. The Barre Opera House was once a theater. Numerous significant events and celebrity appearances had taken place in the theater. 


However, the Opera House stopped showing movies in the 1980s and changed its usage to a performing arts facility. It is one of the best theaters in Vermont to watch a show.

7. Visit the studio place arts

Visit the studio place arts

You should go to Studio Place Arts if you enjoy art. Studio Place Arts is located in Downtown Barre’s oldest structure. 

Since its founding in 2000, the studio has been a non-profit creative institution. In addition to a gift shop where ceramics and artwork are sold, the organization includes three gallery spaces where rotating exhibitions by Vermont artists are displayed.

Additionally, Studio Place Arts provides classes and workshops across a range of mediums for people of all ages. 

Paintings, sculptures, and other artistic creations are displayed there. Immigrants from Europe who arrived in Barre at the beginning of the 20th century to work in the granite industry served as a major source of inspiration for the studio. 

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One of the things you should include on your list of things to do in Barre, Vt, is taking a lesson in this studio.

8. Go golfing at the Country Club of Barre

Go golfing at the Country Club of Barre

If you enjoy playing golf, visiting the Country Club of Barre is among the most memorable things to do near Barre, Vt. 

Tennis or a round of golf would be ideal activities to pursue here. It may be found 12 minutes from Barre in Orange, Vermont. The 18-hole championship golf course of the 1924-founded Country Club of Barre offers picturesque vistas and undulating terrain.


The course is suitable for all skill levels, so everyone who plays will have a great time. 

A full-service restaurant and bar are also available at the Country Club of Barre, making it the ideal spot to unwind during the day or at night. 

The most recent golf gear and equipment are available in its professional shop. The Barre Country Club is a fantastic location to enjoy a round of golf or take in the surroundings.

9. See a movie at Paramount Theatre 

My movie buffs, where are you? It’s time to head to the theater with some popcorn and a can of iced beverage. The Paramount Theatre plays first-run films with excellent audio on its two screens. 

One of the most soothing things to do in Barre, Vermont, is to see a movie in this theater.

The chairs at Paramount are comfy and have enough legroom for you to feel more at ease while viewing a movie despite the theater’s tiny size and lack of stadium seating. 

You may also pick up wonderful popcorn, beverages, and other goodies from concession stands. You will find the Paramount Theatre off North Main Street.

10. Enjoy a delectable meal at Ladder1 Grill

10 Fun Things To Do in Barre Vermont
Source: Barre Grill

My foodies must believe I have forgotten about them. Oh no, I didn’t, my sweethearts; I also have something for you. 


One of the best restaurants in Barre is Ladder1. Along with consistently delicious food and first-rate service, it is renowned for its welcoming and appealing atmosphere.

The Ladder 1 Grille, frequently referred to as Barre’s best-kept secret, is well-known for presenting a meal created to commemorate and praise past and present firefighters. 

Visitors at Ladder 1 can dip into well-liked menu items as well as gorgeous seafood specialties. 

Feel free to explore the Firehouse and take in the artifacts and photos in the firefighter’s museum while your meal is being made.


The top 10 fun things to do in Barre, Vermont, are listed above. Barre is one of the most amazing spots to visit in Vermont. 

Discover the city’s ancient structures, tiny downtown shops, natural granite quarries, and lovely parks and hiking routes. 

The city offers something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a spot to unwind or go exploring. So why are you still waiting? Plan your vacation to Barre right away! Have fun!

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