Top 10 Cheapest Travel Spots Around The World

You don't have to be a multibillionaire like Elon Musk to travel on a well-deserved vacation because anyone can do that, even on the lowest budget. There are cheap and fun destinations worldwide that hold a lot of significance, and you'd still find the essential places you'd need to lodge or eat. 

You don’t have to be a multi-billionaire like Elon Musk to travel on a well-deserved vacation because anyone can do that, even on the lowest budget. There are cheap and fun destinations worldwide that hold a lot of significance, and you’d still find the essential places you’d need to lodge or eat. 

Regardless of the continent, there’s always a place you can travel to that is affordable and agreeable to your budget. There are countries you might think of as expensive, but knowing how to minimize your expenses will go a long way.


10 Cheapest Travel Spots Around the World

Here are a few suggestions on the cheapest travel spots around the world you can go to on your next holiday;

1. Vietnam

A bustling scene in Vietnam with lots of coloured lights and fun-filled activities
Source | Pexels | Nhat Minh Luong

It’s great to know that apart from the beautiful islands, ancient cities, and waterfalls, the accommodation here is also fascinating and more accessible than anywhere else in the world.

Vietnam also boasts of the healthiest and cheapest street food prices, such as eating soup with rice noodles, terrific broth, or cilantro, so you don’t have to worry about getting a stomach upset even for little money. 


2. Columbia

An aerial view of a city in Columbia looking magnificent with the lights and brown skies
Source | Pexels | Santiago Boada

Colombia is soon becoming a must-see tourist destination with a vast number of visitors sprawling into the country from all around the world.

Its Caribbean beaches, rainforests, and national parks offer significant places that are worthy of sightseeing, and it’s even more impressive because the exchange rates between the Colombian peso and dollars/euros remain very satisfactory, thereby making the environment budget-friendly.

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3. Bolivia

Boats on a large body of blue-like water in Bolivia with houses around the beach.
Source | Pexels | Roly Vasquez

Bolivia is especially popular among backpackers and budget travelers because it is one of the most inexpensive countries to visit in South America, with its cheap local restaurants and hostels.

You’ll get to see the fascinating landscape of Salar De Uyuni and the world’s highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca. You’ll also experience the traditional and South American way of life. 

4. Northern Thailand

A white house in Northern Thailand
Source | Pexels | Gije Cho

On a tight budget? The north of Thailand provides fun activities, including visits to beautiful places with good outwardly vibes like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, as well as eating incredible street food and inexpensive transportation.

The experience will be surreal, while you still get to save a reasonable amount of money. 

5. Australia

A long beautiful bridge in Australia
Source | Pexels | Steve Weir

Yes, believe it or not, but Australia, which is mostly known to be incredibly expensive, can also be exceptionally cheap if you can pull a few strings.

There are cheap groceries, a well-worn budget backpacker trail, several work exchange opportunities, various Couchsurfing hosts, and the twenty percent drop in the Australian dollar has made Australia cheaper than it has ever been in years.

6. Nepal

A house built close to large body of water in Nepal and behind it is a huge rock covered with green vegetations and trees.
Source | Pexels | James Wheeler

If you can avoid places like Mount Everest, which costs about ten thousand dollars, you can enjoy the food and the accommodation for the lowest couple of dollars.

Nepal is a very cheap country to travel to because you can eat delicious home-cooked meals, meet friendly & peaceful Nepalese, and tour some of the world’s most affordable places for mountain trekking, whether you are relying on yourself or a guide.


7. Romania

A house built close to large body of water in Romania and behind it is a huge rock covered with green vegetations and trees.
Source | Pexels | Pixabay

Romania is one of the cheapest and most beautiful countries to visit on Mount Everest. The country is known for its charming regions like the Transylvania region, and it is home to several impressive castles, beaches, and majestic Carpathian mountains.

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It’s an excellent place for free walking tours around the historical sites or the quaint and colorful villages and watching the beautiful parks. Romania has free activities unknown to foreigners and offers cheap hostels and hearty meals. 

8. India

A huge white painted house close to the beach in  India
Source | Pexels | Darshak Pandya

Expensive-looking accommodation in India is quite affordable, just as eating out and getting around the country by train costs a minimal amount.

India is possibly the cheapest country to visit, even with its top-class food, vibrant cultural history, ready-to-help locals, remarkable tea, and a whole lot more.

India is a place you shouldn’t forget to write down on your travel list.

9. Nicaragua

Birds on the seashore in the evening in Nicaragua.
Source | Pexels | ROBERTO ZUNIGA

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest Central American countries to travel to. It is great for volcano hiking, surfing, and diving.

The colonial cities and stunning beaches can make the country a fantastic trip for lazy strolls and rest all day long.

Nicaragua remains affordable in terms of its delicious food and hostels.


10. South Korea

A city in South Korea at night with bright coloured lights and a dark body of water
Source | Pexels |Aleksandar Pasaric

If you are a big fan of Korean drama like me, then I’d advise you to pack those bags and get ready for a low-budget trip to South Korea. South Korea is not famous enough, and yet it offers so much! The mind-blowing food, bottles of beer, mode of transportation, and countryside view are affordable and fun. 

However, you must know that it is not every cheap country that is super cool to visit, but we have listed some of the best countries you can see and also enjoy the safety and some of the world’s most stunning tourist attractions.

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It will reward your bag-packing plans and hopefully encourage you to keep traveling!   


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